Big 12 Power Rankings: The Crazy Middle (#8-#6)

This group here is as hard to predict as the top five will be next. Any of these teams could make a run and it would not shock me. Any of these teams could flame out and it would not shock me there either. Here we go! 8. Baylor Maybe I am too harsh on… read more

One Key Player – Myles Cole

My name is Reed Meason and I’m a lifelong Red Raider. I graduated in the spring of 2021 and have contributed to our platform for the last three years. I had the privilege of working for the Tech football team (2019-2021) as a student equipment manager, and was able to have invaluable experience with them… read more

Big 12 Power Rankings: The Not Quite as Bad (#11-#9)

So, if you missed it, I started this series with the bottom three of the Big 12. Iowa State, West Virginia, and Houston made up the truly awful group. This next group are teams that are just regular not good but might scare a few of the better programs. The higher on the list we… read more

Big 12 Power Rankings: Bottom Three

The offseason is creeping close to a close, and then the fun begins again. In the spirit of just surviving these last few football-less weeks, I am going to break down the Big 12 rankings from the bottom all the to the top. With this being the first season for some members, and the last… read more

One Key Player – Jerand Bradley

As we continue our “One Key Player” series I’ll take a swing at things with my first article on FFSN. My name is Jack Bell and I am a class of 2022 Texas Tech Alum. I am the resident baseball specialist for our team, however I love all Tech sports and have been attending Tech… read more

(Un)Reasonable Expectations for 2023

This season Texas Tech has more hype around it than any I can remember. Even the pundits are struggling to consider Tech a true darkhorse, because with the exception of idiot AP voters everyone sees what we see. I believe I have written this article before, but the more hyped I get the more I… read more

Cotton Club Crew #12: Offensive Preview

The guys are back to talk all things offense! What can you expect from this experienced offense? How good can Tahj Brooks really be as a featured back? Will Shough have an NFL prospect caliber season? What receivers will explode onto the scene after a quieter season last year? What about those big boy tight… read more

One Key Player – Tyler Shough

Hello, hello, hello!   Our first post as proud members of the Fans First family. A great time to reintroduce ourselves as well. The team will be posting these key player articles while also reintroducing what they do and who they are. I will go first; my name is Michael Macon, and I am your… read more


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