Countdown to Kickoff Day 42: We are so back

The title of this post can mean a couple of things. First, after a weather induced hiatus I can finally get back to writing our countdown to kickoff series. Or it could mean that the offseason is starting to finally feel closer to ending. But in this case, it means the return of EA College… read more

Countdown To Kickoff Day 55: Breaking .55

The last two seasons have been drastically different from expectation standpoints, but ended with one big thing in common. From a win percentage perspective, Texas Tech finished 0.55. Both seasons the team finishes over 0.5 on the year thanks to the bowl game last year. Texas Tech historically is about a 0.55 program, with mediocre… read more

Countdown to Kickoff Day 56: Nic Shimonek Takes the Scene

Shimonek is an interesting character of modern Texas Tech lore. Nic transferred from Iowa, and would not become the starter till his senior year. In 2017 he would take the reigns, and the reviews were very mixed. Shimonek’s up and down season would culminate in being benched against Texas in Austin, but coming back into… read more

Countdown to Kickoff Day 57: The Hogs upfront

Look, I really tried to find a meaningful 57 reference for this. But then I remembered, I am the managing editor and can be way less literal. So in honor of a perfect offensive line number, lets give a shoutout to the guys who drive the offense. I of course am referring to everyone’s favorite… read more

Countdown to Kickoff Day 58: Adidas brings the heat

The new uniforms are officially here, with Texas Tech unveiling their various new Adidas gear. I talked the other day about the overall rollout, but I wanted to spend one day out of our countdown talking about how insane these new uniforms really look. The uniforms, unlike many Adidas products for football, look nothing like… read more

Countdown to Kickoff Day 59: Mayfield versus Mahomes

Day 59 of the countdown, and I figured we could look back at one of the grossest moments in Red Raider defensive history. And one of, if not the greatest, performance from any college football quarterback ever. That would be Baker Mayfield making his return to Lubbock to take on Kliff Kingsbury’s squad led to… read more

Adidas comes onto the scene in Raiderland

The other day Texas Tech formally transitioned to an Adidas school. And the rollout was masterfully done. A buddy of mine works for Texas Tech’s media team, so a shoutout to him for handling some of that content and the entire team for executing a strategy. Texas Tech joins the Adidas ranks at a really… read more

Countdown to Kickoff Day 60: The 1960 Texas Tech Red Raiders

A new series we will (hopefully) be able to daily! A countdown to the new season, with kickoff against Abilene Christian on August 31st at 6:30. With that in mind we start with 60 days to go, and to start our countdown with the start of the 60’s! Texas Tech before 1960 was actually independent… read more

Cotton Club Crew #52: The Long Wait

The sporting season is at an end, the Red Raider stickball teams both missing out on the postseason. Not the best year, except on the track, for the Red Raiders in aggregate. Still, the offseason is a busy time this year. There’s transfers and facilities and hype. The programs will stay busy, and so will… read more

Texas Tech Baseball: Where do we go from here?

Well, the title kind of says it all doesn’t it? Today, we can confirm the likes of Gavin Kash and Owen Washburn joining Landon Stripling, Travis Sanders, Garet Boehm, and Gage Harrelson in the transfer portal, and, barring a miracle, putting an end to their respective careers in the Scarlet and Black. Most of the… read more


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