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Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

What happened to the Steelers 2019 draft class?

The 2024 NFL Draft is less than two weeks away. The last few offseasons at our previous home, I dove into a Steelers NFL draft class starting with the longest-tenured draft pick and outlined each successive draft. In doing so, each player selected by the Steelers was highlighted as to how their NFL career, or… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

Steelers putting the finishing touches on their 2024 NFL Draft plans

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the rest of the NFL is preparing for the 2024 NFL Draft this Thursday evening when the 3-day selection process begins. An annual event for the Steelers is for the head coach and general manager, in this case Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan, meet with the media to talk about the… read more

2024 FFSN NFL Draft Big Board: Defensive Back Rankings

The 2024 NFL Draft is getting closer by the day, and Fans First Sports Network is here to give you the best draft analysis anywhere! Between now and the NFL Draft, we will reveal our NFL Draft big board, one position at a time. Today, we will continue with the defensive backs. Those of you… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

Mock Draft Monday: The Steelers look to add a big right tackle

The Pittsburgh Steelers are rolling through the 2024 offseason. With free agency greatly affecting roster construction, it will be followed by the NFL draft in April. For the Steelers, the events since the beginning of the league year have changed their draft needs multiple times. With player pro days and team visits coming to a… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

NFL Draft Prospects of Interest for the Pittsburgh Steelers: Centers

The 2024 NFL Draft is just less than a week away, and it’s time to decipher which players would be good fits for our Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers will be looking to add playmakers at several position groups throughout the selection process, and the good news is this Draft sets up well for their needs…. read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

Brandon Aiyuk may not be worth all the speculation for the Steelers and their fans

If you’re anything like me, you scroll through Twitter (X) daily for an update on the “Jerry Rice to the Steelers” rumors. Whoops, my bad, I’m pretty sure I was talking about Terrell Owens. Darn, it’s so hard trying to type early in the morning. What I meant to say was that I can’t believe… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

The 3 biggest holes in the Steelers roster, by the numbers

On the most recent episode of the Steelers Stat Geek podcast, I dove into the numbers of the production that was lost by players who are no longer with the Steelers after the 2023 season compared to how they have replaced players in free agency and trades. While there are several positions where the Steelers… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

A Letter From the Editor: Tempering expectations for the 2024 NFL Draft

I have said this many times before on many platforms, but I’ll reiterate it one more time with the 2024 NFL Draft coming up Thursday. The NFL Draft is the best non-sporting event in all of sports. Why? It provides hope. It doesn’t matter if your favorite team was a playoff contender last year or… read more

Comparing draft needs in the AFC North

The NFL draft is a lot like the White Elephant game that office parties and some families do at Christmas to pick presents. You’ve got your eye on the perfect gift, it looks like you are in line to grab it, and then that jerk Steve sweeps in and steals it. No one even likes… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

2024 NFL Mock Draft: Determining all the Pittsburgh Steelers selections

On Tuesday night’s SCN podcast of The Scho Bro Show, we held a mock draft simulation where those in attendance as part of our live chat on YouTube, Facebook, or X got to chime in to help make the Steelers picks. The simulation was done through profootballnetwork.com and used their predictive rankings to select the… read more


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