ACC Tournament Team Rankings

Who has the best chance to win the ACC Tournament this week? Find out if it’s North Carolina, Duke, or a sleeper team here on FFSN!

Throwback Thursday: Cleveland’s Jim Brown and Bears’ Gale Sayers

When the Bears play the Browns on Sunday, the game will be attended by the ghosts of Jim Brown and Gale Sayers. Sayers was compared to Jim Brown throughout his career by the sports media looking for a successor to the King. Sayers, though great in his own right, did not have the career that Jim Brown had. Brown simply dominated the field of play on offense and never missed a game. Sayers was an electrifying player known for big plays, though unfortunately his brilliant career was cut short by injuries. 

Conference realignment will seem normal to college sports fans of the future

Picture this: The year is 2033, and the SMU Mustangs are at the Carrier Dome to take on the Syracuse Orange in a huge men’s college basketball game that could ultimately determine the regular-season ACC champion. That very same night, all the way over on the Left Coast, the Maryland Terrapins are at the Hec… read more


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