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Texas Tech Soccer Hosts Second Round

The Red Raiders are still alive in the dance, as they managed to get past an extremely scrappy FGCU team 1-0. One of the rewards for the two seeded Red Raiders was the ability to host the first round at home, where 1,800 Red Raiders showed up to cheer for the ladies.

With the win over FGCU, not only does Tech continue to make their run but they will once again host at Fort Walker. The match will kick-off at 6PM on Friday night as Tech will face the 7 seeded Princeton Tigers.

Folks, I do not know much about Soccer but I was immensely impressed watching Tech play. They recover well in the face of counters, and despite what had to be a frustrating night for a team that features several high-powered goal scorers, they just kept grinding away until they found the decider. A near scare of a FGCU goal that went off the post did not rattle the Red Raiders, and they showed the toughness and grit that led to a Big 12 championship.

If you can make it out to the game on Friday, go! Be early, be loud, and help defend Fort Walker!


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