Cotton Club Crew #48: Year One Complete

The end was not pretty, but the ride was more than we all anticipated. Coach McCasland and his team navigated a season full of adversity to deliver a performance that was ahead of schedule for the rebuilding program. From repairing the culture to bringing the energy back to the fanbase, it was a successful first… read more

Cotton Club Crew #47: Work to be Done

Cotton Club Crew #46: The Madness of March

The best sporting event in all the world is here. The most random, the most fun, the most frustrating championship spread across a month started tonight for the play-in, Thursday officially. And the Red Raiders are back in the dance. They open the tournament as a six seed, taking on the hottest team in America…. read more

Cotton Club Crew #45: Kansas City Party

Despite all the injuries, the noise, and general adversity of this season Texas Tech secured a fourth place finish in the Big 12 and the double-bye. The NCAA tournament, once thought of the ceiling for this team, is already achieved and the question becomes can tech make a run in the conference tournament? Macon and… read more

Cotton Club Crew #44: Red Raiders falter at home

Baseball is a cruel sport sometimes. Or if you are a Red Raider forced to watch years of mediocre pitching, a lot of the time. Once again, a Matt Gardner coached staff was inept for multiple games in a series, costing Texas Tech a much needed and wanted series win over Texas. In what might… read more

Big 12 Tournament preview and regular season awards

After a regular season filled with plenty of surprises and exciting basketball, we have now arrived at the Big 12 Tournament. The top and bottom half of the conference look to be about what I would’ve expected at the beginning of the season with a few surprise teams landing where they did. Texas Tech ended… read more

Cotton Club Crew #43: One Last Time on the Diamond

Texas Tech is steadily climbing the top 25. Texas is, well, they frankly have sucked eggs so far this season. Tech is coming off a surprisingly tough matchup against UNM, while Texas was absolutely hammered by Texas A&M. Both teams with high expectations, and totally different vibes heading into this critical opening series. Joe breaks… read more

Cotton Club Crew #42: Back in Business

The Red Raiders needed two wins to guarantee an NCAA tournament birth. And they got ’em. Joe talks about the two wins. The tenacity to comeback against West Virginia, and the domination at Xerox U. He highlights the key performances, Pop getting out his slump, the coaching job done, and more. With the double-bye on… read more

Cotton Club Crew #41: Wild Night in Lubbock

There are losses that hurt more than others. That one against Texas definitely falls into that category. On a night the crowd was rolling and hopes were high, Texas Tech failed to show-up till it was far too little too late and were crushed by Texas. But that’s not all Macon and Joe talked about…. read more

Cotton Club Crew #40: Bombs Away

Well, if you like scoring a crapton of runs on the diamond Texas Tech baseball sure delivered a show. In a matchup the Red Raiders were heavy favorites in against Texas Souther, it was a barrage of homeruns and RBI’s that stole the show. The guys breakdown the barrage, highlighting some of the newcomers who… read more


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