Sober Up Recap: Texas Tech knocks off the Jayhawks

That was not pretty at all. It was an ugly, nasty game just like the weather was in Lawrence. However, unlike other ugly games this year Texas Tech triumphed. A ranked win, a ranked road win at that, has Texas Tech in prime position to gain bowl eligibility, and salvage this tough season.

With Tahj Brooks getting a monstrous workload, and Morton having a tough day finding his stride, the defense used a lot bend but do not break to knock-off Kansas. After Bean exited, Tech took on the third string QB and almost choked it away. But they only count almost in horseshoes and hand-grenades, and the Red Raiders used some last minute heroics to get the job done.

Macon and Joe talk about the win, what we liked and what we didn’t like about that matchup. Then we chatted about what going to a bowl game means after the offseason of hype.

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