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Offensive Player of the Week: A workhorse continues to thrive

The offense overall did not have a flashy day, though a few flashy couple plays by Bradley really changed the outcome in a major way. But, in a day like that only one person could possibly earn player of the week honors.

I of course refer to Tahj “Workhorse” Brooks. Brooks had 33 carries in this game, with the bulk coming in the first half. He would average 4 a carry, for 133 yards. Brooks basically was the offense for stretches of this game, and he played at least 75% of all the offensive snaps. He had the weight of game on his shoulders and kept bringing it carry after carry. Even as Kansas was tightening up the box, Brooks continue to charge in to get what he can as the offensive line continued to struggle against the KU front in the second half.

Overall, this kind of workload probably is not sustainable. But considering he needs 25 carries a game minimum for Tech to win, it was a impressive to see him once again carry it so much above that mark.


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