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Bowl Eligibility helps Texas Tech continue to grow

Look, I hate that I have to write this article. I hate that the lofty goals of the year have come down to this point. But here we are, so time to just accept the results and start looking at reality.

Texas Tech is now 15 years removed from the 2008 magical season. Since that time, frankly the program has been stuck as either mediocre or outright bad. Bowl games became a rarity and Texas Tech faded from relevance in the sport. Until Sonny Cumbie took over following the midseason firing of Matt Wells, the program had not been to a bowl since 2017. Until that bowl win, the program had not won in the postseason since Kingsbury’s opening season in 2013.

Now the program has made back-to-back bowl games and won both. And this year with two games left, Tech is one game away from a true bowl season streak. That means something, even if how we got here has been frustrating.

For a program to become relevant, it first has to stop being bad. That is the first step, and the hardest. A program has to win enough, gain enough momentum, and recruit well enough to get out of the basement. And that is mission accomplished with three straight postseason appearances. With names such as Will and Micah coming in this December, the future is in West Texas. To keep the momentum going on the program for those coming in, and to send the Senior’s out as they deserve, bowl season seeing Red and Black for a third straight year is a major milestone considering where the program has been.

Yes, this is not what we all wanted. But there is still a lot to play for in these last two games. Bowl season matters for this program as it tries to take that first and hardest step.


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