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Three Trade Targets for the Cavaliers This Off-Season

With the Conference Finals for the NBA starting, the Cleveland Cavaliers season has already finished, losing to the Boston Celtics in five games in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Much like Cavaliers’ Twitter, I have started thinking about what we can change on this current Cavs roster to move toward being true title contenders.

It seems to me that, in fans’ minds, the only two players that are safe from being traded are the young star Evan Mobley and the face of the franchise Donovan Mitchell (if he signs a contract extension). Players like Jarrett Allen and Darius Garland seem to be on the trade block for their separate reasons. Allen’s reason is that he may not be the best fit next to Mobley, and he is coming off of a fantastic season, likely having high value on the trade market. Garland, however, had a slump of a season, dealing with injuries and generally not playing as well as in the past. Just like Allen, Garland’s chemistry with Mitchell is in question as well.

Having two quality players available for trade, mixed with role players that could have value such as Caris LeVert, makes trade targets a really interesting question. A question I’d like to focus on today.

Brandon Ingram

Brandon Ingram is in a similar situation as Darius Garland. Both players have shown flashes of being true all-star players in the past but, on their current teams, they do not seem to fit perfectly. Ingram is the type of player the Cavaliers have long been looking for at Small Forward. He has all the tools to be a starting-caliber Small Forward with both 3-point shooting and defensive upside—traits the Cavaliers have tried to bring in with multiple players in the past. For this trade to be worthwhile, Ingram would need to return to his previous form, such as during his All-Star and Most Improved Player year in 2021.

Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins could finally make his Cavaliers debut, just 10 years later than expected. Wiggins could be a trade candidate as the Golden State Warriors move towards a rebuild with stars like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson getting older. Wiggins, another forward on this list, could be a perfect fit if the Cavaliers decide to move on from Jarrett Allen. Slotting Wiggins at Power Forward and Mobley at Center could create a more dynamic and versatile frontcourt. This new alignment could be a more precise fit for the Cavaliers’ starting five as they look to bolster their lineup for future success.

Mikal Bridges

Mikal Bridges is another player who could fit the Cavaliers similarly to Brandon Ingram. While Bridges is a year older than Ingram, his recent consistent play for the Brooklyn Nets makes him an attractive option. Bridges has established himself as a reliable 3-and-D forward, which would be a perfect fit for the Cavaliers. The most exciting part is the possibility of acquiring Bridges without having to include Garland or Allen in the trade. The Cavaliers could potentially package role players and draft picks to bring Bridges to Cleveland.

The NBA offseason is always unpredictable, and I expect that to be especially true for the Cavaliers. With the likely firing of JB Bickerstaff and owner Dan Gilbert reportedly planning to take a more active role in roster construction (and hopefully opening up his pockets), the possibilities for this Cavs roster are endless. The upcoming months could bring significant changes that reshape the team into true title contenders.


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