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A Cleveland Browns podcast

It’s “Shane Falco” time in Cleveland…I mean Joe Flacco

The Browns are going with Joe Flacco as their starting quarterback headed into their battle against the Los Angeles Rams. It’s the same Joe Flacco that used to torture Cleveland fans with an 18-3 record overall, including a 10-1 lifetime record at Cleveland Browns Stadium. It’s too bad that Flacco is playing this game in… read more

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Why the Cleveland Browns will Extend Deshaun Watson’s Contract

Yes, teams are overpaying quarterbacks like never before. No it is not business as usual. As a percentage of cap, Deshaun Watson is currently scheduled for a cap hit of 25% of the 2024 cap allowance. That’s way beyond the 17.2% the Chiefs paid Patrick Mahomes to win the Super Bowl last year. Prior to that no team had ever won the Super Bowl spending more than 13.1% of its cap allowance on a qb since the cap system was put in place in 1994.

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Let’s Stop Flaccomania Before it Starts!

Stop hoping for the demise of the Browns young quarterbacks and praying for the installation of a slow, oft-injured old man as the Browns starter. Only the New York Jets think this is a good idea. Joe Flacco is not Aaron Rodgers Lite with all the great taste and half the calories. Dorian Thompson-Robinson gives the Browns the best chance to win.  

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

What will a Dorian Thompson Robinson Browns offensive game plan look like?

The guys debate whether Dorian Thompson Robinson should start over P.J. Walker. Can a Browns fan and Steelers fan hold a civil conversation without fighting?

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns may be making a QB problem into a crisis

What really sucks is that the Browns have not bothered to have an extra backup on the practice squad, even though they knew that Watson was struggling with shoulder issues. That, dear friends, was simply stupid.  

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Do Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian affect outcomes of NFL games?

It is reasonable to believe that future Hall of Famer Travis Kelce is playing with the utmost motivation, not to mention higher levels of adrenaline and male hormone than he has ever experienced before in his life! Perhaps some of that extra motivation and excitement is being passed on to his teammates as well. Maybe Ms. Swift has some cousins…!!?

A Cleveland Browns podcast

What is wrong with Kevin Stefanski’s play calling?

The larger issue that has some validity is whether a offensive-minded coach like Stefanski can learn to depend on his defense at the end of the game rather than insisting that his inconsistent offense has to salt the game away. Maybe if a run does not work, you take 30 seconds off the clock and punt. Can he learn to trust his defense to hold the opponent to 40 yards in a critical situation and prevent a field goal? That is a much better question.

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns Nick Harris quietly establishing himself at fullback

Nick Harris is mostly being used as a fullback these days. He is prospering at his new job.

A Cleveland Browns podcast

The 1986 Browns Meet Twitter

In a parallel universe, in a place far away. The world of social media erupted much earlier than has been our experience. Alexander Graham Apple gathered the idea when fruit of an unspecified type dropped on his head when he was quite alone. Having no one to blame, he sought an outlet for his frustration…. read more

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Could Rocket Man Josh Dobbs make it back to Cleveland?

The Arizona Cardinals have decided to make QB Josh Dobbs trade bait, so the Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns could be landing spots. Dobbs spent a year plus 2023 training camp in Cleveland so he could quickly become the number two QB in Cleveland behind Deshaun Watson


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