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Let the fun begin with the Browns and the NFL

As the 2024 NFL combine begins on February 27, the ridiculous and lazy national takes begin. Everything from the Browns will be forced to cut running back Nick Chubb or tight end David Njoku because of salary cap problems, to who are the best fits as free agents. Next week the rumors will get worse as draftable young men will run around in shorts and t-shirts to start to solidify their place in draft experts’ minds. Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year. I’m a Browns fan and decades of ineptitude on the field has burned the importance of the off-season into my brain. Years ago, I took it upon myself to learn how the NFL salary cap really works. I mean REALLY works. I figured because I’m a self-employed accountant and have been for 32 years, I probably needed to know. Besides, I was curious, and I love to win arguments. My Grandfather Horton used to always tell me, ” If someone wants to out argue or outthink a member of our family, they had better bring more people.” I try and be knowledgeable before I say anything and think before I talk. Which is why lazy national takes on the Browns drive me crazy.

When the news provided by Tom Pelissero  that the NFL salary cap for 2024 would be $255.4 million, I was excited. The Cleveland Browns and their GM Andrew Berry would have an additional $16 million to spend. As of today, according to Over the Cap, the Browns are currently $7.7 million over the cap. Pocket change. That kind of money is probably between the sofa cushions at Jimmy and Dee’s house. The national media, because of this news will have to immediately issue and apology to the Cleveland Browns and their fanbase for their stupid and lazy opinions. Yeah right, I almost couldn’t finish that sentence without my eyes rolling so far back in my head, I could see what’s behind me.

My favorite pretend newsworthy clickbait on social media is the best fit or who your favorite team will sign articles. Saturday, Pro Football Focus had an article saying Jacksonville defensive end Denico Autry was linked to the Browns. Pure speculation, and of course Autry will be all the talk on Browns social media. His strengths and weaknesses will be discussed, as will his value. Don’t get me wrong, this time of year I use Pro Football Focus to look at potential free agents for the Browns. You can watch and listen to my podcasts, The Cleveland Browns Dawgpound South Podcast part of the Fanatical Elfz Network which is part of the Fan First Sports Network. Just a heads up, I didn’t have Autry on my list. Andrew Berry can and will do better than Autry.

As we head into Combine week, or as I call it, the illegal tampering period, I would suggest as a Browns fan, find a local Cleveland media member to follow for Browns rumors. I’ve criticized Mary Kay Cabot in the past, but lately she’s been on the money. If you want the best salary cap updates, and if you want the absolute best Browns salary cap analysis follow Jack Duffin.

Let the fun begin.


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