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Do Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian affect outcomes of NFL games?

Is it possible that there might be a real Kardashian curse on Baltimore if Kim Kardashian hangs out with Odell Beckham, Jr. when the Birds play the Browns on Sunday, and is there a real Swiftie effect in Kansas City? Before you denounce the Fanatical Elfz Network forever as complete lunatics for even raising these questions, please hear out the argument.

This is not voodoo or magic. This author does not believe in curses or jinxes but he does believe in complexes, especially loser’s complexes, and if the players believe that some factor will impede their chances from winning, then it becomes a mental complex. Conversely, home field advantage is a real thing. Adrenaline is a real thing. Crowd noise is real. There is no law of physics saying home field advantage is worth exactly 3.0 points. In fact, the analytics guys say that it indeed varies from stadium to stadium according to weather, turf type, acoustics and other factors.

Thus, let’s think about this rationally. If you have one of the greatest entertainers in the world attending the game–and you absolutely do when Taylor Swift is in the house—and you have a palpable excitement filling the stadium, whatever effect the fans have on the outcome might plausibly be increased.

For what it is worth, the Chiefs are 4-0 when Ms. Swift is in the house, and Travis Kelce has risen to the occasion, playing out of his mind in all four games. It is reasonable to believe that the future Hall of Famer is playing with the utmost motivation, not to mention higher levels of adrenaline and male hormone than he has ever experienced before in his life! Perhaps some of that extra motivation and excitement is being passed on to his teammates as well. Maybe Ms. Swift has some cousins…!!?

4-0 is not a huge data sample. Still, the question should be how much effect is there and how long will it last, not whether there is an effect or not.

There is even a Cleveland Browns sub-plot to the Swiftie effect. Former Browns superstar quarterback Bernie Kosar was also spotted in the luxury box with Ms. Swift! If the Browns should meet the Chiefs in the playoffs (do you feel the Elfz have already jinxed them by using the P-word so early in the season? Again, we don’t believe in jinxes but we do believe in complexes, so get that thought ou of your head! We ain’t that powerful!) we hope Bernie will be on our side at that time. At the moment, however, we totally support Bernie hanging out with Ms. Swift. Good for you, sir! We only wish we were there with you!

The case of the Kardashian Curse is less obvious. Definitely this Elf does not believe in a real curse, but loser’s complexes can indeed be as real as it is in the mind of the players. To a lesser extent, if the fans–the 12th man–becomes jittery, there may be a small effect on the outcome.

Kim Kardashian is a brilliant businesswoman who has succeeded in the fashion industry and many other endeavors, while also making a name for herself as a model and a sex icon. Yet it would probably be fair to say that a substantial portion of the public have a negative opinion of her for whatever reason. The legend goes that when she has attended sporting events in which her friends have participated in, supposedly her friends’ teams have usually lost and the players have gone on to a downward spiral for the rest of their careers. The legend mainly applies to European football (a.k.a soccer) and basketball, and has not been tested in NFL football so far.

Nevertheless, because she is friends with Odell Beckham, Jr. and attended his birthday bash on November 5, there is speculation she might attend the Browns vs Ravens game on Sunday November 12. There is no evidence that she will be there, only speculation. Still, Baltimore fans have gone nuts, worried that Ms. Kardashian may be bad for their team. Just being friends with OBJ (who also has a contingent of negative fans, as Clevelanders will recall) is enough to trigger fears of bad “luck.”  Again, this writer does not believe that supernatural forces control sporting events, but booing fans and loser’s complexes are real and do have some effect, though the magnitude is debatable.

There is no evidence that there is a problem in the locker room, and no real problem has surfaced with Mr. Beckham. The only problem is with the fan base, which, on X at least, seems to be developing a bit of a loser’s complex. Just read the fearful comments on X from Baltimore fans. They will make you laugh.

We can only speculate whether Ms. Kardashian’s presence on Sunday (again, we have no idea if she plans to attend) might cause OBJ to elevate his game. He has always thrived on attention throughout his career, for whatever reason.

The net sum at this point is that the Browns have been developing a complex since 1999, which probably outweighs any potential negative energy that might be generated by Ms Kardashian’s possible relationship with OBJ or the so-called curse. However, let’s keep an eye on him. Bringing a little fame and notoriety to the team could be a positive, but on the other hand, the man only has 218 receiving yards and one TD thus far, despite landing a $13 million dollar payday from the team. This could go either way.

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Podcast Transcript

The Oracle Speaks: Do Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian affect NFL games?  Well, do they affect the performance of Travis Kelce and Odell Beckham, Jr.?  Do they effect the fan base in the stadium, which is part of the home field advantage? Then it is reasonable to consider the possibility that there is a real effect of mingling famous celebrities. Taylor Swift may actually boost the chances of the Kansas City Chiefs, while Kim Kardashian, who may or may not be in attendance when the Browns play the Ravens on Sunday, has already started to psych out Ravens fans.


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