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Washington Commanders Hire Dan Quinn: Did They Make The Right Choice?

The process is complete. After a long wait, the Washington Commanders have a head coach and it is Dan Quinn.

Josh Harris began this offseason with a bang. Ron Rivera was let go as head coach and within one week, Adam Peters was brought in as the new General Manager. The process to find the right head coach was not as quick but it was just as thorough.

Washington interviewed many candidates for the job and Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator Ben Johnson seemed to be the eventual hire. Instead, it was announced that Johnson was staying in Detroit. All other jobs were filled and the Commanders remained the last team looking for a coach. On Thursday, the new regime landed on Quinn.

Many fans are underwhelmed by this decision so the question remains, was this the right choice?

At this point in the process, the answer is yes.

Johnson, along with Houston Texans offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik, returned to their posts. As much as fans want to call it a failure, this is not on Peters. Johnson returning to Detroit was something that Washington could not control.

Let’s look at the names left. Bill Belichick and Mike Vrabel did not take man interviews. There was not a huge market for either candidate. What was the reason? That remains unclear but Washington was not interested in either.

Not that each job is filled, it can be said that the cycle turned out to be underwhelming — outside of Jim Harbaugh. The man who led Michigan to a National Championship decided to return to the NFL with the Los Angeles Chargers. We know that he was never going to Washington.

The Las Vegas Raiders and New England Patriots decided to stay in-house with Antonio Pierce and Jared Mayo respectively. Raheem Morris (Atlanta Falcons), Dave Canales (Tampa Bay Bucs), and Brian Callahan (Tennessee Titans) also got coaching opportunities. Quinn is on the same level and would have given off the same feeling to fans.

This leaves Mike Macdonald, the former defensive coordinator in Baltimore and new head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He would have been a great fit for Washington but it seems as though Harris wanted a coach with experience to pair with a first-time GM.

There is no doubt that Quinn was not the explosive hire that is going to catch headlines but he is an experienced coach who has had success everywhere he has been. This includes leading the Falcons to a Super Bowl and leading a strong defense in Dallas over the last three years.

Quinn will bring leadership to D.C., which is something the organization needs after Rivera. The final judgment will be made with results on the field but first, Quinn will enter a room that has the most cap space in the NFL and No. 2 pick in the draft.


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