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Browns linked to Brazil in NFL Week 1 matchup against the Eagles

We still have three months until the NFL officially announces the schedules for all their teams. Still, the matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles got a bigger boost in the world of speculation when NBC football guru Peter King announced in his latest blog that he “was good” with the Browns and Eagles playing on Friday, September 5th down in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It would be the opening game of the 2024 NFL season. King has a history of having the “inside” scoop on many things and his message in this most recent posting has Browns nation thinking party time in Brazil. Have you started to pack your bags yet?

Before we can say for sure that this game will take place like many on social media are speculating we can still see why this game could be intriguing for both teams.

For years, the Browns have been a talking point on many national media sports shows especially now, with Deshaun Watson as their quarterback. Before Watson, it was Baker Mayfield and his persona along with those Progressive commercials that the world fell in love with. This past season Cleveland got back to the playoffs. Philadelphia was also back after being in the Super Bowl a year ago. Both football markets have very loyal fan bases and the TV market for a game like this would be huge.

More recently both teams have actually started practicing together annually in a weekly training camp special. So both teams are very familiar with one another which would add to the fanfare if the game took place.

The Browns have only played in one international game which took place in 2017 when they played the Minnesota Vikings. They were supposedly in the works in scheduling a game overseas a few seasons ago but it was during the pandemic and never came to be.

If Cleveland does get invited to play in the game, it would be one of their nine scheduled away games this upcoming season. They will play eight home games this year. Interestingly enough, Cleveland Browns Stadium is scheduled to host Billy Joel and Rod Stewart Friday, September 13th and that would suggest that the team might be ready to be living out of their suitcases until Week 3.

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