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Steelers Burning Question: Who will make the bigger jump in 2024?

Last week I did the Friday Night Steelers Six Pack and wondered if it was worth doing further. After all, interaction was not great, and sometimes you just have to adjust. So, I decided to call an audible, and not just abandon the Friday night meeting of the black-and-gold minds.

Instead of six questions, I wanted to focus solely on one question.

We’ll still do the preamble of what you’re eating/drinking/listening to, but we’ll focus our attention on the one Steelers question of the week. Don’t worry, most weeks I’ll do a bonus/extra credit question for fun. With all that out of the way, let’s get to the question!

Which second year player do you see having the biggest jump in 2024, and why? Keep in mind how much they played in 2023, if that will change drastically, and if that weighs in on your answer. Your options are as follows:

  • Keeanu Benton
  • Joey Porter Jr.
  • Nick Herbig

I focused on defense, and if I’m answering this question I’m going to go with Keeanu Benton. I believe Benton will see more snaps, and will have a greater opportunity to impact the game on a regular basis. JPJ will be awesome, but he played a lot as a rookie, so I don’t think his “jump” will be as drastic.

As for what I’m eating, I grilled some steaks on the grill and air fried some sweet potatoes to have with green beans. Some homemade lemonade and Chris Stapleton vinyl has me feeling right on this Friday night.

Happy Friday everyone!! Let’s hope this can be a new staple at SCN!


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