Do football fans play in Turkey Bowls on Thanksgiving anymore?

“I wonder if they had any mud bowls this year.” That was something my mom wondered about on Thursday night when we were hanging out at her house on Thanksgiving. She was obviously referring to a Turkey Bowl, the annual Thanksgiving tradition of football fans gathering on some field or in some backyard and engaging… read more

Bowl Eligibility helps Texas Tech continue to grow

Look, I hate that I have to write this article. I hate that the lofty goals of the year have come down to this point. But here we are, so time to just accept the results and start looking at reality. Texas Tech is now 15 years removed from the 2008 magical season. Since that… read more

Is This Finally The Year For The Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys completed the sweep of Big Apple after taking down the New York Jets on Sunday — and doing it in dominating fashion. Each and every year, Dallas is viewed as a team that could take the next step come the postseason. And each and every year, the Cowboys have disappointed. Through two… read more


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