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NFL Coach Ejiro Evero Does Not Get Enough Credit

Sometimes football coaches do not get the credit that they deserve. This is most definitely the case with defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero, who over the last two seasons has put together top-tier defenses for two different teams. Last year, Evero was with the Denver Broncos, a team that fired its head coach Nathaniel Hackett before the season concluded, and finished with a 5-12 record, last in the AFC West.

Even though the Broncos offense struggled greatly, ranking 21st in total yards, and literally last in scoring points per game (16.9), the team’s defense was very respectable and that is due to its defensive coordinator Evero. After spending decades in the NFL as an assistant coach, he finally got the opportunity to lead a defense and did a very solid job in his first stint.

After the season concluded, the Carolina Panthers and their new head coach at the time Frank Reich, called Evero and understood that he could once again help a struggling team recover their identity and recapture their fierce defensive presence that has been lacking since the days of Ron Rivera and company.

This time, coach was not a rookie coordinator but rather had a few things up his sleeve. His 2023 Panthers defense was outstanding and in a recent article by our very own Michael Davis, Evero was mentioned as a possible defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys.

While this was merely speculation, Davis praised coach and his ability to make an impact on the defensive unit saying,

Evero since went on to contribute to a Rams Super Bowl as the secondary coach and passing game coordinator in 2021. Evero then had two stints as defensive coordinator for the Broncos in 2022 and Panthers in 2023. Both years the offense was deemed horrible, but the defense shined bright under Evero’s supervision. In 2023, the Panthers ranked 4th in total yards allowed with Evero. To give up the 4th-fewest yards in the NFL with an unproductive offense is impressive. Carolina was last in the NFL only scoring 13.9 PPG, while Dallas led the league with 29.9 PPG. The Panthers likely would have won the division if it wasn’t for the lack of offense.

Very well said and I would have to agree and I even go as far as to feel bad for Evero, who has not operated a defense with an above average offense. Although the Broncos and Panthers’ offenses were among the worst in the NFL at their specific times, Evero truly got the most out of his players, personnel, and assistant coaches – and that is exactly what you expect with your coordinators.

One thing that I wish going forward is that he gets the credit that he deserves. A return to the Panthers seems very likely and by the time that this article comes out, it may be a possibility.

New head coach Dave Canales really supports the return and had this to say.

Each season, a struggling offensive team has benefitted from Evero and his coaching. This season will hopefully be different with Canales leading a new offensive approach in Carolina. If Evero decides to stay on board in Carolina, expect an even better defensive scheme as the offense should improve dramatically from a season ago.

Ultimately, it is time to put some respect on coach’s name and what he brings to a team. I hope that this is the season where he is a part of an offense that is above average, as his defense could be the best in the NFL — he deserves it.


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