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4 streaks going into the Steelers Week 2 game, at least 2 of which will end

The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing to host the Cleveland Browns this Monday night at Acrisure Stadium. With a long history between these two teams, and the history of the Steelers in primetime in Pittsburgh, there are a number of winning streaks the Steelers are looking to prolong with a victory over the Browns. But on the other end of the spectrum, there are a couple streaks going against the Steelers but they would be looking to overcome. Either way, barring a tie, some of the streaks will carry on while others are brought to a halt.

For some of these streaks, they must be very specific in order for them to extend the amount of time noted. And with past history not being an overwhelming factor when these two teams kickoff under the lights Monday night, they are merely interesting talking points for the fan base.

So without further ado, here are four interesting streaks for the Steelers Week 2 matchup with the Browns, three of which I outlined on the most recent Steelers Stat Geek podcast and the other discussed on the trivia portion of the Steelers Preview.

20- Monday night home winning streak

A lot has been made with a Pittsburgh Steelers hosting a Monday Night Football game and the success they have had under head coach Mike Tomlin. But the success goes back much farther. In fact, the last time the Steelers lost a Monday Night Football game in Pittsburgh, the year was 1991 when the Jeff Hostetler led Giants defeated the Steelers 23-20 on a late field goal despite a furious Steelers fourth-quarter comeback.

It should be noted that this streak is specifically Monday Night Football games in Pittsburgh. In 2020, games played on Monday in Pittsburgh had the streak come to an end, as well as the Steelers 11-game winning streak, when Washington defeated Pittsburgh in a game which kicked off at 5 PM on Monday late afternoon because the Steelers previous game had been pushed back six days due to the COVID-19 issues in Baltimore.

One other item of note is that the Pittsburgh Steelers were favored in all but one of these victories. The only game in which the Steelers were an underdog was it 1998 against the Green Bay Packers where they had a 27-20 victory.

15- Losses by teams the week after facing the 49ers

The exact number of the streak depends on how it is defined, but I believe the number is 15 when looking specifically at when the San Francisco 49ers face a team and their result when playing the following week. Last year’s Super Bowl does not count because there was two weeks in between the games, and the Kansas City Chiefs did not lose their next game after facing the 49ers last season but had their bye week ahead of their next matchup. But for every other game during the 2022 season, when a team faced the San Francisco 49ers they fell in defeat the following week.

While the streak does lean towards the physicality teams must endure when facing the 49ers, it should also be noted there were no glaring upsets in any of these games in 2022. In fact, the team that was victorious in 10 of the 15 games qualified for the postseason in 2022. Additionally, there was only one game in which a team who qualified for the playoffs lost to a non-playoff team but it occurred early in the season in Week 3 when Atlanta defeated Seattle 27-23 where the Falcons were only one-point underdogs in Seattle. For 11 of these games, the favored team won and so it is not as if there were a lot of games the teams should have been victorious but were not because they played the 49ers the week before. Whether or not the previous game took a toll on these teams or this streak is just a coincidence can be argued either way.

19- Home regular season winning streak against Cleveland

Once again, this streak must be well defined as being the regular season as the Browns defeated the Steelers in Pittsburgh during the 2020 playoffs. But during that playoff game in 2020, there were no fans in the stands so the home-field advantage was not near the factor it is otherwise. The last time the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Cleveland Browns at home in the regular season was in 2003, a year prior to when the Steelers drafted Ben Roethlisberger. Had the Steelers not lost that game, they may not have been drafting high enough to select Roethlisberger. Thanks again.

4- Monday night loses in Week 2

While this is the number of four does not look overly impressive, it is actually the entire sample size. One interesting fact when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers is they have not been victorious in a Monday Night Football game during Week 2 of the NFL season. The Steelers are 0–4 overall and 0–1 at home. The last time the Steelers played on Monday Night Football in Week 2 was in 2013 when they traveled to Cincinnati and lost 20–10. The Steelers also had a 0–9 defeat in Jacksonville in 2006. The other Week 2 losses on Monday Night Football occurred at home against Denver in 1986 and in Cleveland in 1985.

So there are four streaks in regards to the Steelers upcoming game on Monday in Pittsburgh. For two the streaks to continue, it will require the Steelers to be victorious while the other two will continue if they fall in defeat.

For a more in-depth breakdown of three of the four streaks listed above, check out the most recent episode of the Steelers Stat Geek podcast below:

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