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Credit for the Pickett to Pickens Steelers touchdown is pointless

The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off one of the more memorable, and wild, wins of recent memory with their 17-10 victory over the rival Baltimore Ravens. It was unconventional, yet necessary. After the game, what most people are talking about isn’t what went right, or wrong, in the game, but who gets credit for the game-winning touchdown catch from Kenny Pickett to George Pickens.

This all stems from the lack of celebration from offensive coordinator Matt Canada who was caught by CBS cameras having a very stoic outlook as the play unfolded. Some believed it was possible Pickett changed the play, hence why Canada wasn’t overly excited after the play. Nonetheless, what has happened after the game are non-stop questions about who should get credit for the call.

“Yeah, we broke the huddle, had a play called.” Canada told the media.” You know, Kenny did it multiple times through it in this game. We had a cover zero plan which we always have. In that exact instance, you know, the routes were kind of called in the huddle, but the protection had to change. So, he came out, he saw it, he made the protection adjustment, George, you know, we had three guys stay on what they had because they were, I’m sorry, the routes that worked in that point, you were pressed across the board. So, Kenny did a great job, but again he probably did that three or four times throughout the game and everybody did a good job with that.

“So, it worked out. Obviously, you get to that point, the way the situations of a game, they got aggressive and really excited Kenny saw it. And really excited that the line did a great job. And keep the tight end in, did that and GP won his battle and did a good job. And it was a big, big play for us.”

Canada wasn’t the only one asked about the call…

“It was protection and route. They went zero, and I wanted to make sure we were protected, then gave George (Pickens) his route.” Pickett told media this week. “He went and made a great play. It was something we worked all week on. So it’s awesome to put a lot of time into something in a crucial moment like that to win a divisional game. You go out there and do it in a two-minute drill, it’s awesome.”

At this point the question which comes to mind is “who cares who made the call?!” Sure, fans want to somehow not give Matt Canada any credit, but isn’t the overall outcome of the game more important?

It reminds me of the scene from one of my favorite sports movies of all-time, Major League. As the fans in the outfield bleachers watch the ball sail through the sky, they debate whether the hit is too high to leave the ball park. The two fans then argue over whether it was “too high” or “too hard”. Finally, another fans says, “Who cares it’s gone.”

Watch the clip below:

This is the way I feel when I hear Steelers fans debate who should get credit for the touchdown to Pickens. Pickett or Canada? Who cares, it’s a touchdown.

The Steelers were victorious, somehow, and instead of basking in the glow of the win, fans are more concerned with who called the game-winning play.

“Canada called it.”

“No. Pickett audibled.”

Who cares, they won.


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