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Red Raiders will need a winning record in their final 5 games to become bowl eligible

At this point of the year, being 3-4 means you are just a not good football team. Yes, Texas Tech lost three one possession games they easily could have won. And yes, injuries have played a substantial role in a lot of those outcomes. But there is no excuse, 3-4 is 3-4. The disappointment of this year is immense so far, and there only five games left to change the narrative.

With remaining games against BYU, TCU, KU, UCF, and finally Texas the task to get to the minimum expectation for this program is not overwhelming. It won’t be easy with a self-destructive offensive coordinator who has had some truly incompetent moments, a banged-up defense, and potentially a third string quarterback playing significant reps.

But it is very doable, if you play your football. That means not playing down to the Power Five newcomers and challenging the remaining teams as you’ve proven capable of doing by pushing Oregon to the brink. Realistically, three out of the next four games are ones you might even be favored in (presuming you do not stumble on the road to BYU).

Kansas is an interesting game because I do not see a real threat without Daniels (Texas Tech having handled Bean throughout his career), but with Daniels that offense can be quite dangerous. BYU and UCF are must win games, games that you have no business losing even with your struggles and injury concerns. TCU is extremely vulnerable this year as well, however, their new starting QB had a great introduction as they hammered BYU last week.

You should be able to claim bowl eligibility during this stretch of games, and potentially you can even sweep them. With the historic final battle with Texas to close the year, it is paramount Tech has taken care of business by that point. If not, a massive game will become even more critical. Bowl eligibility is not the goal, but it keeps any program moving slowly forward after a long period of unpredictability with regards to postseason appearances.

Can Texas Tech do it? Absolutely, and I believe the schedule is fairly favorable with how weak the Big 12 has been, Will they? I will have to see it to believe it.


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