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What the D’Onta Foreman signing means for Nick Chubb and the Browns

Earlier this week the Cleveland Browns signed free agent running back D’Onta Foreman.  He will be added to a running back room with Pierre Strong, Jerome Ford, Nyheim Hines, and Nick Chubb. The move by the Browns could be a sign as the where Nick Chubb is in his rehabilitation from his 2023-week 2 knee injury.

Foreman last season played for the Chicago Bears in 2023, in 7 games he rushed for 381 yards on 92 attempts for a 4.1 yards per carry average and 4 touchdowns. His most productive NFL Season was in 2022 with the Carolina Panthers that season in 17 games he rushed for 914 yards on 203 attempts with a 4.5 yards per carry average and 5 touchdowns. He can be a productive running back. But he is not a Nick Chubb replacement.

Foreman is more of an insurance policy until Nick Chubb is ready to play in 2024. Chubb is still rehabbing from a gruesome knee injury suffered in week 2 of the 2023 season in Pittsburgh. There have been very few updates regarding where he is in his rehabilitation. Much of what is being said and written is speculation at this point. Browns fans do remember Nick Chubb’s appearance on December 28th at the Browns home finale against the New York Jets. Chubb was walking without a limp or the assistance of crutches 3 months ago. Browns fans should learn more soon of Nick Chubb’s status with the Browns.

Next week NFL Owners will be meeting in Orlando Florida, there will be an opportunity to ask GM Andrew Berry or Head Coach Kevin Stefanski on the status of Nick Chubb’s rehab. Also, on April 15th NFL teams with returning head coaches can begin offseason workouts. There we will be able see the level of participation by Nick Chubb. Keep in mind only portions of these workouts will be accessible to the media. I don’t think the Browns will say much until training camp regarding Nick Chubb. Until then we can only go by what the team is doing with their roster and player contracts to best understand Chubb’s status. Otherwise, it’s only speculation.


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