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Offensive Player of the Week: An unfamiliar face

I thought about having this week as a “No Winner” week. But, with the team looking to punch back against adversity that felt too much like dwelling on the past, and beating a dead horse.

Instead, I wanted to recognize a new name for his efforts in that tough loss. This week’s winner is Jayden York.

Jayden only recorded two catches for 22 yards, but I wanted to highlight just how great that 19-yard touchdown reception was. He high-pointed the ball despite pressure in his face and contact, and brought in the early touchdown strike. His first catch as a Red Raider being a touchdown is also a pretty fantastic story, and worth giving additional recognition too. For a guy nobody really had on their list of scoring that night, and to do it in such a fashion as he did, I want to give York a big round of applause. The only Tight End to see multiple targets, he made the most of his limited looks to score his first career touchdown.

Outstanding catch Jayden, and we look forward to seeing more from you and the other Tight Ends and the season goes on.


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