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A Letter From the Editor: What’s the next move for the Steelers?

When you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 offseason to date, it’s been memorable, to say the least. If you go back to the start of free agency, the signing of Russell Wilson kicking things off, all the way through the trades which re-shaped the quarterback room from top-to-bottom, it’s been incredible.

Then you throw in the 2024 NFL Draft, watching the Steelers orchestrate seven picks to near perfection, and it has resulted in the fan base getting close to a fever pitch.

Notice I said close.

The reason why I didn’t say they’ve reached a fever pitch is based on the fact there is still work to be done. While the roster has improved tremendously, at least on paper, there are still gaping holes which need filled in some way. Maybe it’s via trade, or a player who remains a free agent on the open market.

Either way, work still has to be done.

But what is the next move to be made? Well, let’s take a look at positions which need addressed to narrow our focus.

There’s no doubt the Steelers still need help on the outside, both offensively and defensively. Both cornerback and wide receiver remain a hole on the roster, but does one super cede the other? In my opinion, cornerback is paramount. The reasoning behind this is the fact the Steelers need help at both slot and outside cornerback. Compare this with wide receiver, which doesn’t need as much after the drafting of Roman Wilson, and you can see the sheer quantity of needs is greater at cornerback.

So, what could the Steelers do?

There is always a trade option for both positions, and that remains an option, but the Steelers already traded for a cornerback in Donte Jackson. Is Jackson the answer to everyone’s questions at cornerback? Probably not, but the Steelers clearly liked his body of work enough to bring him to Pittsburgh in the Diontae Johnson trade.

There are quality free agent cornerbacks still on the market as well. Players like Steven Nelson, Stephon Gilmore, and even Cam Sutton, who the team met with prior to the draft, who could be brought in and help round out the room. If someone like Sutton was obtained, assuming his off the field transgressions were vetted properly, his flexibility would help the Steelers fan base breath easier when thinking about the secondary. If the Steelers talked Patrick Peterson to return and stay in the slot, he could be a great locker room presence and mentor to the younger players on the team, while playing in a limited role at his age.

While the cornerback position is one of need, let’s also not forget wide receiver. The Steelers have been toying with trading for a wide receiver this entire offseason. Names like Brandon Aiyuk, Cortland Sutton, Deebo Samuel, and, most recently, DK Metcalf have all been connected with trade reports coming out of Pittsburgh.

The Steelers are searching, but those searches have come up empty as of yet.

If the team went into the 2024 regular season with their current depth chart at wide receiver, would they be successful? A lot has to do with new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, buy you’d be hard pressed to talk with any fan who thinks they’ll be just fine if they do nothing at receiver. In fact, the same can be said at cornerback.

What’s the next move? That’s anyone’s guess, but I can tell you the Steelers are working on those moves. They are trying to obtain more talent to help round out the roster. What position will be targeted first? Does it matter? As long as the needs on this roster are met adequately, who cares which position is considered a priority.

Just fill the needs and round out a roster which is primed to compete in 2024.


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