Cotton Club Crew #41: Wild Night in Lubbock

There are losses that hurt more than others. That one against Texas definitely falls into that category. On a night the crowd was rolling and hopes were high, Texas Tech failed to show-up till it was far too little too late and were crushed by Texas.

But that’s not all Macon and Joe talked about. They talked about the earlier loss to UCF, Myles Cole showing out at the combine, the dumbest quote from a Tech player ever, baseball, fan conduct, and so much more. In a jampacked episode, the guys highlight what is going wrong on the hardwood without Warren Washington, how the team can turn it around with two of the worst teams in the Big 12 back-to-back, and more.

Give a listen, and let us know your thoughts on what happened with the Brock Cunningham incident. Did Tech lose control, or did they handle the situation appropriately? How should the team and fans react to a play like that one?

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