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Steelers Friday Night Six Pack: Bye Week Blues?

Okay Pittsburgh Steelers fans, it’s time for another meeting of the minds on this Friday night. I appreciate everyone who has stuck around here at SCN and made this one of their daily stops for Steelers news. It is genuinely appreciated!

Let’s have some fun on the bye week!! You know the drill, state your drink of choice, whatever your eating, and, if you want, what music you’re listening to! As for me, I have family coming into town, so I’m grilling again this weekend, probably will enjoy some kombucha (I don’t drink anymore), and been really enjoying listening to Zach Bryan.

Let’s get to the questions!

1. The Steelers are on their bye week, and it is always fun for me to ask fans how they handle the bye. Do you watch as much football as possible? Get away from it all? What do you plan on doing this weekend?

2. The Matt Canada hate is going off the rails. At what point does it go too far? Or is there no such thing?

3. 3-2 at the bye week, how do you see the Steelers finishing the 2023 regular season, from a record standpoint?

4. Of all the players who could return post-bye, which one will have the biggest impact, and why?

  • Diontae Johnson
  • Pat Freiermuth
  • James Daniels
  • Anthony McFarland Jr.

5. Based on the play of the team, would you ever choose not to go to a game, or buy gear, purely based on the end result?

6. Let’s have some fun here with the bye week, you have to choose one from each other following:

  • Cookies or Cake
  • Pizza or Burger
  • Lake or Ocean
  • Coke or Pepsi
  • Pop or Soda



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