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The NFL Scouting Combine Day 3 – Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs, & Vikings HC Comments

In the latest episode of The Real Forno Show, host Tyler Forness dives deep into the happenings of the third day of the NFL Scouting Combine. This day was packed with action as quarterbacks showcased their throwing skills, running backs ran with all their might, and wide receivers set new records. In this detailed recap, we’ll delve into Tyler’s analysis of the day’s events and his perspective on the players who stood out.

The highlights of the episode include a detailed discussion about the stand-out receivers, the future of Kirk Cousins, and insights from Vikings Head Coach, Kevin O’Connell.

Quarterbacks and Running Backs Impressions
Tyler begins the episode by offering his insights into the performances of the quarterbacks and the running backs. He notes that while the quarterbacks had a strong showing overall, the same couldn’t be said for the running back class. However, he points out that there were a few standouts in the crowd, such as Tennessee running back, Jaylen Wright.

Wright, despite not breaking into the four twos as rumors suggested, displayed an explosive speed that caught Tyler’s attention. Drawing on his vast expertise, Tyler explains that while an impressive track speed is beneficial, it’s not an absolute necessity in the NFL. He believes that Wright’s explosiveness will serve him well on the field despite his less-than-ideal start.

Tyler also wisely cautions that not all players who are fast end up being effective in the game. This point is something he expands upon later in the episode.

Wide Receivers Set Records
The wide receivers, particularly Xavier Worthy, were the show stealers of the day. Worthy clocked an impressive 4.21 40-yard dash, setting a new record for the fastest time ever recorded at the NFL scouting combine. Tyler mentions that Worthy chose not to participate in any field testing but states that it didn’t matter. Worthy’s film was borderline worthy of a first-round pick, and with his speed and athleticism, Tyler thinks that he might be headed in the direction of the first round.

The Elephants in the Room
Tyler doesn’t shy away from discussing some of the more controversial topics of the day. He calls into question Braelon Allen’s decision not to test, labeling it a significant red flag. Allen’s speed has already been a topic of debate, and Tyler believes that his choice not to test only adds to the skepticism.

Tyler also points out an interesting disconnect between an athlete’s performance on film and their athletic prowess. He uses Bucky Irving as an example, who appeared explosive on film but didn’t demonstrate the same level of athleticism during the testing. According to Tyler, this disconnect is something that needs to be evaluated and understood.

Quarterbacks’ Performance
When it comes to the quarterbacks, Tyler has a lot to say. He gives kudos to Michael Penix for his exceptional throwing skills and Spencer Rattler for his speed. However, he labels Sam Hartman’s performance as mediocre and believes that Joe Milton’s rocket arm won’t be of much help in the intermediate game.

Tyler emphasizes that for quarterbacks, consistency and the willingness to take coaching are critical. He points out that every player will run a route differently, and it’s up to the quarterback to adapt and maintain consistency despite these variations.

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Stand-out Wide Receivers: Jacob Cowing and Ricky Pearsall
Jacob Cowing and Ricky Pearsall emerged as two of the most noteworthy athletes from the combine. Cowing, who stands at 5’8 and weighs 168 pounds, delivered a remarkable performance by running a swift 4’3 940.

On the other hand, Pearsall, standing tall at 6’1 and weighing 189 pounds, ran a 4’4 140. Forness lauded Pearsall’s exceptional skills with the ball after the catch. He also noted Pearsall’s use on reverses and jet sweeps leading to multiple touchdowns off of that. His performance against Eastern Washington, Missouri, and South Carolina, where he was catching everything thrown his way, was highlighted.

A Noteworthy Catch: Ricky Pearsall
One of the most memorable moments from the combine was Pearsall’s catch against Charlotte. He daringly jumped between three defenders, almost emulating the iconic Air Jordan pose midair before landing. Despite getting smashed by a safety, he held onto the ball, a feat that Tyler believes surpasses Odell Beckham Jr.’s famous catch. He also acknowledged the pushback he received on this view, but maintained his stance.

Pearsall’s Role and Rising Draft Stock
Pearsall has shown consistent performance throughout the year and at the combine, which Tyler believes has pushed his draft stock from a potential round-four pick to an early day two prospect. Pearsall has proven to be a high-end wide receiver two and a good complementary receiver, despite not being a wide receiver one.

The Evolution of Jordan Addison
The episode also shed light on the potential of Jordan Addison, a wide receiver for the Vikings. Although Addison may not be the alpha receiver, he has comfortably settled into his role in the Vikings’ offense. With a full offseason ahead and the opportunity to learn from his rookie year experiences, Tyler believes we could see an even better Jordan Addison next year.

Keon Coleman’s Potential and Limitations
Keon Coleman was another player who sparked interest during the discussion. Despite not being fond of his film, Tyler acknowledged Coleman’s talent. However, he voiced concerns about Coleman’s limited route tree and questioned his ability to play the alpha style, similar to D.K. Metcalf. Despite these concerns, Tyler believes that Coleman’s talent cannot be overlooked and he remains a fascinating prospect to watch.

The Future of Kirk Cousins: Insights from Vikings Head Coach
The discussion then turned towards the future of Kirk Cousins, the Vikings’ quarterback. Kevin O’Connell, the Vikings’ head coach, joined the broadcast and shared his thoughts. He acknowledged that Cousins is going through a full decision-making process and expressed hope that they could figure out a way to keep him a Minnesota Viking. However, he also alluded to the fact that other teams have shown interest in Cousins, adding an element of uncertainty to the situation.

Vikings HC Kevin O’Connell on Kirk Cousins on NFL Network: “I’ve had a blast coaching him. … I know Kirk is going to go through a full process. He is a process guy. Hopefully, we continue to be a strong part in that process and figure out a way to keep him a Minnesota Viking.” O’Connell continued, “He has the right to be a Free Agent… The Vikings aren’t the only team that wants Kirk Cousins as their QB.”

Final Thoughts and Speculations
In the final segment of the episode, Tyler speculates about potential draft prospects for the Vikings. He believes that if the medicals look promising, Michael Penix could be an excellent choice. He also offers a word of caution about trading up. Tyler explains that it’s a gamble, but if you’re sure about your pick, it could be a risk worth taking. He believes that if the Vikings decide to go with Penix and he performs well, the trade will be seen as a success regardless of what they had to give up.



To conclude, Day 3 of the NFL Scouting Combine was filled with intriguing performances and record-breaking feats. Tyler’s detailed analysis offers a fresh perspective into the day’s events, highlighting the key takeaway that speed and athleticism alone don’t make a player great. It’s the combination of skill, consistency, and the ability to adapt and learn that sets a player apart. From discussing the stand-out wide receivers to speculating the future of Kirk Cousins, the episode offered valuable evaluations and predictions for the upcoming NFL season. As the combine wraps up, audiences can look forward to more comprehensive analysis and discussions from Tyler Forness on The Real Forno Show.

Tyler Forness @TheRealForno of Vikings 1st & SKOL @Vikings1stSKOL and the Vikings Wire @TheVikingsWire and Dave Stefano @Luft_Krigare producing this Vikings 1st & SKOL production, on the @RealFornoShow. Podcasts partnered with Fans First Sports Network @FansFirstSN and Fans First Sports Network’s NFL feed @FFSN_NFL.



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