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SKOL Search – North Carolina QB Drake Maye’s Player Profile

This episode of The Real Forno Show presents an extensive analysis of North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye. The episode features the insights of Tyler Forness, the show’s host, and his producer Dave. Tyler, who personally ranks Maye as QB1 for the 2024 class, shares his observations and conclusions about Maye’s performance and potential, backed by thorough research and data.

Drake Maye

North Carolina
Weight-230 lbs
Third-year junior
5-Star recruit per 247 Sports
Stats: 615-of-951 (64.7%), 7,990 yards, 62 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, 121 carries, 1,547 yards, 16 touchdowns
Games watched: South Carolina 2023, Duke 2023, Minnesota 2023, Clemson 2023

Maye’s Skills and Performance
Tyler starts the episode by discussing Maye’s impressive skills. He emphasizes Maye’s strong footwork and his proficiency in quick game plays – short, swift passes that can help build a rhythm on the field. According to Tyler, this ability will serve Maye well in the NFL, providing a solid baseline for success as he continues to develop other aspects of his game.

Going further into Maye’s capabilities, Tyler commends his ability to throw a deep ball. He describes it as “picture perfect, beautiful,” and asserts that Maye can drive the ball to all levels of the field with remarkable accuracy and power. What impresses Tyler the most is how effortlessly Maye makes these deep throws, making them look almost natural. He commends Maye’s ability to layer the ball over defenders and his capacity to make every possible throw on the field.

Tyler describes him as a safe player, Maye has thrown only 16 interceptions and 26 turnover-worthy plays throughout his career, compared to his 80 big-time throws. This careful yet efficient game style demonstrates Maye’s understanding of the importance of ball security and his ability to take calculated risks.

Comparisons and Predictions
Throughout the episode, there are several comparisons made between Drake Maye and Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers, mostly based on their physical similarities and throwing capabilities. Tyler, however, is quick to point out that while there are parallels, they are not identical. Each player has unique aspects to their play that set them apart.

Tyler also talks about the potential future of Maye in the NFL. Despite some criticism, he remains optimistic about Maye’s prospects. He believes that with the right coaching and a favorable environment, Maye can develop into a successful NFL quarterback.

Handling Pressure and Room for Improvement
Despite the high praise for Maye, Tyler also acknowledges areas where Maye needs improvement. One of his main criticisms is Maye’s tendency to bail from the pocket too early. Tyler suggests that this could be a result of Maye’s lack of trust in his offensive line, which performed poorly during Maye’s time at North Carolina. This, Tyler believes, resulted in Maye’s internal clock being off, causing him to abandon the pocket prematurely.

Tyler further criticizes Maye’s completion rate under pressure, which is currently at 43.3%. However, he also provides context for this statistic, pointing out that Maye’s receivers didn’t always help create plays while in a scramble drill. He suggests that this, combined with a lack of support from his offensive line, could have contributed to the low completion rate.

Tyler’s Comprehensive Grades for Maye
Arm Strength – 9.5/10
Accuracy – 8.6/10
Mechanics – 8.7/10
Ball Placement – 8.7/10
Throwing Motion – 9.3/10
Progressions – 8.5/10
Decision Making – 8.6/10
Functional Mobility – 9.5/10
Durability – 9.1/10
Poise – 8.0/10
Grade – 88.5/100 First Round

“I think Maye is easily a first-round quarterback and should go in the top five. However, there is this idea that he’s a slam dunk in the top five and that’s just not the case. He needs some work to get there but the tools and raw ability is both impressive and something worth developing.” ~ Tyler Forness writes

A Deeper Dive into Maye’s Performance and Potential
Tyler and Dave further discuss Maye’s performance, pondering whether he would throw at the Pro Day and how this decision could impact his draft position. They also consider Maye’s potential for further improvement, especially in terms of his processing speed, comfort with the offense, and decision-making when running the ball. These discussions offer listeners insights into the various factors that could influence Maye’s future in the NFL.

Despite these areas for improvement, Tyler ends the episode on a positive note. He believes that Maye’s ability to adapt and grow throughout the season is a positive sign of his ability to learn and improve. He also notes that Maye’s performance improved significantly towards the end of the season, indicating his capacity to take in and apply coaching.

The episode concludes with Tyler and Dave fielding questions from listeners about Maye and the upcoming NFL draft, providing further insights into Maye’s potential in the NFL.

Tyler states his belief that Maye is the best quarterback in the class and would be an excellent pick for the Vikings. He expresses his anticipation for the draft party and the future discussions on the show about the NFL draft prospects. Despite the areas where Maye needs to improve, Tyler is confident that he has the potential to be a star player in the NFL.

Overall, through a blend of film study, statistics, and context, The Real Forno Show provides a comprehensive analysis of Drake Maye, leaving listeners better informed about this promising quarterback as he prepares for the 2024 NFL draft.



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