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The Arthur Smith Offense, Part 1: The Running Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for a crazy 2024 offseason, and the first shoe to drop on the offseason was hiring an offensive coordinator. The team tabbed their guy with Arthur Smith, and now fans are left wondering what his offense will look like in 2024.

Will it be more of the same?

Will it be nothing but an archaic philosophy in the modern era of football?

What will it even look like?

In this case, you have to lean on people who know more about the game than me, and for this endeavor I leaned on our own Coach. Yes, Coach KT Smith has taken on the task of taking a look at Smith’s tenures in both Tennessee and Atlanta and trying to piece together what his schemes look like. All in an attempt to give the fan base an idea as to what they could expect this season.

Clearly this is going to require some heavy lifting, so this Film Room will be in a series, not just one video. In Part 1, we break down the running game. What did he do in his previous stops, what worked, and do the Steelers have the horses to run the schemes Smith likes to employ?

It’s a deep dive into the schematics of Arthur Smith’s mind, and can be used as a valuable tool for all Steelers fans as they look at not just what Smith likes to do, but how the roster could be altered/change this offseason to get the pieces in place to effectively run said scheme.

To check out the video breakdown by Coach KT Smith, see the player below, or CLICK HERE:


Be on the lookout for Part 2 of this breakdown, where Smith looks into Smith’s passing attack as a play caller. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they press on throughout the offseason.


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