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Purple & Gold 4 Days: Kirk Cousins… To sign, or not to sign?

The episode begins with Justin Day casting our minds back to the events of the previous year. He paints a vivid picture of a time when the Minnesota Vikings made an offer to Kirk Cousins: a one-year extension. Kirk, however, had his gaze fixed on a longer commitment – a three-year contract. The resulting impasse saw the Vikings ultimately offering Cousins a two-year extension, albeit with no guaranteed money in the second year. Justin emphasizes the significance of this decision, indicating that it set the tone for the events that followed.

The Intricacies of the Salary Cap: A Closer Look
The focus then shifts to the intricacies of the salary cap. Justin explains in detail how the Vikings found themselves needing to free up salary cap space, ultimately leading to a decision to push money from Kirk Cousins’ contract into void years. He is quick to clarify that this doesn’t imply the Vikings still owe Cousins money. Rather, they’ve already paid the sum but haven’t been charged that money yet. He compares this to buying something with a credit card, illustrating that just as you eventually have to pay up for a credit card purchase, so too the Vikings would have to face their financial reality.

The Impending Contract Extension: Predictions and Expectations
The discussion then moves on to the impending contract extension. Given the circumstances, Justin makes a prediction that the Vikings have already offered Kirk Cousins a one-year contract extension, a proposition that Cousins has yet to accept. With his impending free agency status looming, Justin argues that Cousins is likely to test the market instead of settling for a one-year deal.

Inside the Vikings’ Strategy: A Look at the Game Plan
Justin proceeds to dissect the Vikings’ strategy. He explains the team’s game plan, stating that they want Cousins for one more year and they had ambitions to draft a quarterback the previous year. Justin anticipates that this strategy is likely to be employed this year as well. The idea is to have the new quarterback sit behind Cousins for one or two seasons, absorbing the nuances of the game, before eventually taking over the reins.

The Big Question: To Sign or Not to Sign Cousins?
The host then poses a compelling argument against re-signing Cousins. He suggests that the Vikings have exhausted their potential with Cousins at the helm and it’s time for a new direction. He stresses that the team’s roster needs a complete overhaul, and not just patchwork fixes. Justin heavily criticizes the idea of bringing Cousins back, especially considering the hefty price tag of a two-year, 90 million fully guaranteed contract Cousins is demanding. The cost of signing Cousins, he argues, would limit the Vikings’ ability to sign other key players like Justin Jefferson or bring in free agents to supplement the roster.

A Call for Change: Rethinking Strategy
In his concluding thoughts, Justin calls for a change in the Vikings’ approach. He suggests that the team should concentrate on developing young talent through the draft rather than continuously spending on existing players. Furthermore, he advises against the strategy of pushing off debt and using void years. He proposes a massive retooling rather than a full rebuild for the team. In his vision for the Vikings’ future, they should prioritize re-signing Danielle Hunter, extending Justin Jefferson, and finding their quarterback of the future. He ends the episode by emphasizing that the focus should be on building a team that can truly contend for the championship, instead of settling for mediocrity.


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