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Why Are Analysts Sleeping on Josh Jacobs’ Role in Green Bay?

Josh Jacobs, the NFL’s 2022 rushing yards leader, finds himself in a new situation – the Green Bay Packers backfield. After a less productive 2023 season, some analysts and media members seem to be overlooking Jacobs’ potential impact. But with a strong offensive scheme and a head coach known for utilizing running backs and their talents, could Jacobs be primed for a resurgence in Green Bay?

The Green Bay Packers since Matt LaFleur was named the head coach in 2019 has establish a strong running game year in and year out. The Packers’ running back situation was extremely strong in 2023 with Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon getting the majority of the carries. Jones was the main bell cow and Dillon was the power back who can earn a tough one yard when needed.

Both of these athletes shared carries and had similar numbers. Jones finished the regular season with 142 carries for 656 yards and two touchdowns all while playing in just eleven regular season games. He returned for the postseason to establish strong numbers in the two games he and his team played in. 39 carries for 226 yards and three touchdowns, which is an average of 5.8 yards per attempt. Jones will be missed not only in the rushing attack but also in the passing as well.

Dillon started six regular season games when Jones went down with an injury and he produced extremely well. 178 carries for 613 yards and two touchdowns. Despite being a physical and very large back at 250 pounds, Dillon also contributed in the passing attack.

This offseason the Packers decided it was time to move on from Jones and replace him with veteran running back and former Las Vegas Raider Josh Jacobs. The former Alabama star is coming off a down year after his record setting 2022 in which he led the league in rushing yards with 1,653. Jacobs in 2023 played in 13 regular season games and carried the football 233 times for 805 yards and six touchdowns, a 3.5 yard per carry average.

While the numbers are lackluster in comparison to his 2022 breakout season, he is still 26-years-old and has a lot of football left in him. With an offensive minded head coach who has been extremely successful over the last five seasons, Jacobs should be in for a recovery year. But a question still remains… Why are analysts sleeping on Jacobs and his new role with the Green Bay Packers?

One thing caught my attention recently and that is just how little Josh Jacobs’ name is being mentioned within the media. We are talking about an athlete who just a year and a half ago was the NFL rushing leader, who is heading to a playoff contender football team who has an offensive minded coach who has a track record of producing at a high level. It does not make sense that Jacobs and his new team and role is not being discussed more.

Here’s what may happen in 2024 with Jacobs and his role in Green Bay:

Coach LaFleur is going to lean on Jacobs as the primary back giving him over 200+ carries. He is going to establish a strong running game in which LaFleur and his offensive coaches are going to then open up the play-action and make Jordan Love’s life a lot easier. There is a lot of pressure and expectations to exceed what the team did in 2023. This all starts with quarterback Love and the young receivers who are looking to show continued growth. To make this happen at an easier rate and to ensure that disaster does not strike, LaFleur is going to lean on the running game more than he has ever done in his NFL coaching career.

As for why the media members and analysts are not talking about Jacobs — that is a mystery that will soon be solved once the season unfolds.

That is my prediction for the 2024 Green Bay Packers offense.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Do you think that Jacobs will have a breakout season in Green Bay, or will he split carries with Dillon and just get roughly 700 yards, which will end up being his worst yardage in his short NFL career?


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