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Too Early 2024 NFL Super Bowl Odds

BetMGM released their Super Bowl odds for next year’s big game following Kansas City’s overtime victory against San Fransisco in Vegas this past week. For this list we’ll deem each team’s Super Bowl odds as one of the following: too kind, unfair, or valid.

Too Kind: Should have worse odds

Unfair: Should have better odds

Valid: Odds are spot-on.

Let’s go from the bottom to the top.

CAROLINA PANTHERS (+25000) – Unfair

Yes, they are the worst team in the NFL. Yes, they don’t have a first-round pick (which would’ve been #1 overall). Yes, they have a rookie head coach and a nonexistent offensive line. All signs point to the Panthers repeating their tragedies in 2024. They still compete in an easy NFC South division and it is harder to be the worst team in the NFL for two straight years. I believe in the Dave Canales hire and if Carolina upgrades their offensive line, they shouldn’t be the worst team in the league or their own division.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (+20000) – Too Kind

You could make the argument the Patriots could be the worst team in the NFL in 2024, not the Panthers. After a two-decade dynasty of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick brought SIX Lombardi trophies to New England, that era is officially over. Jerod Mayo got the job because he’s an inside hire and due to language in his contract. Belichick tree coaches tend to flop. They’ll most likely have a rookie quarterback with no weapons. For everyone who hated the Patriots for so many years, this is their year to relish in their agony.


You could make the argument valid or unfair on this Washington team. Their new head coach will be the guy who blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl until he isn’t. They’ll likely have a rookie quarterback leading this team, or maybe Sam Howell? They traded away key pieces on defense. But are they not going to compile 6-8 wins minimum in 2024? Dan Quinn brought a lot of help from Dallas where the Cowboys led the league in takeaways the last two years, so if Quinn brings that mentality to Washington, people shouldn’t score on them. I worry about the offense, but this team shouldn’t be picking top 3 in 2025.

TENNESSEE TITANS (+15000) – Valid

Tennessee fires Mike Vrabel in favor of Brian Callahan, the offensive coordinator from Cincinnati. A switch from a defensive focus to an offensive focus is clearly to help a stagnant Tennessee offense and sophomore Will Levis in a new era, potentially without Derrick Henry. When you look at the work Houston has done, Jacksonville still has a good quarterback and head coach duo, while Indianapolis gets first-round pick Anthony Richardson back, the Titans took a step backward already by letting Vrabel go. A new system means growing pains and Tennessee will experience those.

NEW YORK GIANTS (+15000) – Valid

The Giants feel like a joke to me. Like the Titans, they’re expected to move on from Saquon Barkley who has been their main offensive contributor. We’ve seen Daniel Jones without Saquon Barkley and he’s not as effective. Daboll will have an uphill battle, but they’re likely the worst NFC East team barring any major injury to the other division rivals.


With any other organization, I would ridicule the quarterback uncertainty and a stagnant offense. But this is Mike Tomlin we’re talking about. The Steelers haven’t had a losing season since 2003 (6-10 under Bill Cowher). Tomlin’s now the longest tenured head coach in the NFL, so that stat is staggeringly impressive. This organization doesn’t lose. They’ve made the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years and whenever you get to the dance, you have a chance. Thanks to Mike Tomlin.

DENVER BRONCOS (+10000) – Too Kind

Ask anyone, I was high on the Sean Payton pairing with Russell Wilson, but it didn’t gel as well as some might have hoped. Unlike the Steelers, the Broncos are the exact opposite. Denver hasn’t had a winning season since 2016 and haven’t been to the playoffs since their 2015 Super Bowl run. Their division just gets tougher and tougher with Jim Harbaugh and Antonio Pierce joining Andy Reid as the coaching chess players. Kansas City just won back-to-back Super Bowls for the first time since Brady and Belichick twenty years ago and have no signs of slowing down. At some point, you’re just in a tough pickle and Denver has the glimmest hopes in the AFC West, let alone the Super Bowl.


The Buccaneers have made the playoffs four consecutive years and won the NFC South three straight times. All but one of those year’s was with Tom Brady but many felt they would take a stepback with Baker Mayfield but the critics were wrong. Tampa Bay might lose momentum with Dave Canales and his buddy going to the division rival Carolina Panthers, with the added hypothetical of losing Mike Evans as well. But as for now, Tampa Bay has maintained success with two different quarterbacks and two different head coaches. I’d pit them as the early favorite to win the division again.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (+8000) – Valid

I go back and forth. Seattle has reasons on offense to get excited, but they’re in the post-Carroll era. We’ve seen what Russell Wilson looks without Pete Carroll. We saw Geno Smith before he came to Seattle under Pete Carroll. This Seahawks team is a big question mark, “mutually parting ways” with one of the best coaches and motivators in NFL recent memory. Playing the 49ers and Rams in the division are no favors, either.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (+8000) – Valid

This team is mediocre at best, so about 10 teams down we’re in Saints territory now. This isn’t the dominant Sean Payton and Drew Brees team anymore. It’s Dennis Allen who has a career record of 24-46 (34.3%). It’s an aging Derek Carr whose prime years were wasted with the Raiders and by the time he got weapons (Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs) he couldn’t win games. Unless significant changes are made, they’re pairing Derek Carr with Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, all who are older and can’t stay healthy. I almost want to say this is too kind, but they always find a way to win 6-8 games.

LAS VEGAS RAIDERS (+8000) – Too Kind

Antonio Pierce was my second favorite hire this offseason because we know Pierce is a good fit with the Raiders. However, he’s entering a rebuild. We don’t know who their quarterback is, Josh Jacobs is a free agent, and their division is tough. They just saw the Chiefs, an AFC West foe, hoist the Lombardi trophy in the Raiders’ home stadium. That must not feel good, but it doesn’t mean their Super Bowl odds should skyrocket.

ARIZONA CARDINALS (+8000) – Too Kind

If there was a level “WAY Too Kind” this would be it. There’s no redeeming qualities about the Cardinals right now. Back-to-back years at 4-13 with two different head coaches. Questions swirl if Kyler Murray is the guy with finishing dead last in the division 3 of his 5 seasons. Murray’s locked in Arizona for the time being with a contract through 2028 with a potential out in the final year of his 6-year, $219 million deal.


The Colts have the longest drought when it comes to winning the AFC South with their last division crown coming in 2014, led by Chuck Pagano, Andrew Luck, and Trent Richardson. Yes, it was that long ago. Give Shane Steichen credit for taking this squad to a 9-8 record once first-round pick Anthony Richardson went down. With that said, this Colts team hasn’t found much luck since the Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck days. They could fight for 2nd or 3rd place in the AFC South next year but +5000 odds to win the Super Bowl? That’s polite.

CLEVELAND BROWNS (+5000) – Unfair

After being the laughingstock of the NFL for years, Cleveland has redeeming qualities. Whether he was your pick or not, Kevin Stefanski won Coach of the Year. Cleveland’s defense was among the league’s best. The team started FIVE different quarterbacks before 38-year-old Joe Flacco led the Browns to a playoff game this year. It appears whoever is at quarterback, this team will be competing in games all of 2024. That’s a scary thought.

CHICAGO BEARS (+5000) – Too Kind

You’re kidding me. It’s a miracle they won 7 games this year. The Bears went all in on Matt Eberflus and Justin Fields, yet both are on the hot seat right now. Fields might not even start the 2024 season if Chicago elects to use their #1 overall pick they got from Carolina this year on Caleb Williams from USC. This team should use their draft capital to get better in all facets, but to say they have the same odds as Cleveland? I just don’t see it, and it’s honestly disrespectful.

ATLANTA FALCONS (+5000) – Too Kind

In my opinion, Atlanta took a step back with the hire of Raheem Morris. As mentioned in the article where I ranked the new head coaching hires, Morris makes no sense with a career-winning percentage of 35.6% as a head coach. It’s favorable to be in their division and Bijan Robinson in his second year. If they figure out the quarterback situation and hit jackpot in the Draft, great. But with what I’m seeing mid-February, this doesn’t look like a bet you should waste any money on.


Minnesota seems to be on the decline with Kirk Cousins aging and getting hurt, the uncertainty of Justin Jefferson long-term, and other factors making one believe the Vikings could go in for a full rebuild. However, Minnesota won’t rebuild. They’ll be in the middle of the pack and try contending for 2nd or 3rd place in the NFC North but barely miss the playoffs, or happen to get in and be one-and-done. But having the 16th-best odds to win the Super Bowl shows you how average this team is, and it fits.

NEW YORK JETS (+3000) – Valid

The Jets had high hopes with the acquisition of Aaron Rodgers last season, but that went quickly down the drain when Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles in the first 5 minutes of the 2023 season. The Jets have a solid defense and if Rodgers comes back healthy, he is still a Top 10 quarterback. Rodgers gives you a chance, but acknowledging the regular season juggernauts the Bills and Dolphins are, the Jets might be locked into the bronze medal for the division.

LOS ANGELES RAMS (+3000) – Unfair

The Rams held up the Lombardi trophy just a few years ago and then people imagined the Rams would be rebuilding, but Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Aaron Donald are still playing. Sean McVay is still coaching, despite premature retirement rumors circulating the web for years. Puka Nakua emerged this year. There’s a small window while you have Stafford, but you must capitalize. The Rams have a key core that was apart of that team who can help with the experience edge most teams lack in the postseason. +3000 odds aren’t quite right for this Rams squad.


I could make the argument it’s unfair. Trevor Lawrence enters his fourth season with the team and former Super Bowl winning coach Doug Pederson has helped the Jaguars from obscurity to two consecutive 9-8 seasons with a division title. I think there’s reason to be optimistic in Jacksonville, but how do they surround Lawrence with the pieces to be successful? They have a good chunk of the puzzle together already, but this offseason is about taking the next level. However, how many people would bet on Jacksonville winning the Super Bowl? This could age very poorly.


Look, I love Jim Harbaugh. The Chargers got an A+ coaching hire. They have a B~ish quarterback, some consider to be A-. I’m concerned about the aging talent and injury-prone roster they’ve assembled. Can you rely on Keenan Allen as your #1? Can you rely on Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack to get 25-30 sacks on the quarterback next year? They have to get past Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. I expect a winning year (minimum 9 wins) for Harbaugh’s first tenure, but let’s pump the brakes on a Super Bowl.

HOUSTON TEXANS (+2500) – Too Kind

CJ Stroud was Offensive Rookie of the Year. DeMeco Ryans should have been Coach of the Year. Houston went from the second-worst team in the NFL to AFC South champions and they won a playoff game. I take nothing away from the 2023 Houston Texans squad that overachieved, but quarterbacks can have sophomore slumps. People have an entire offseason to strategize. Houston is now on the radar and won’t be taken lightly, but +2500 is a little too kind.

GREEN BAY PACKERS (+2500) – Valid

I was concerned about Jordan Love heading into last season. In the first half of the season, he struggled, but it was a different story in the second half of the year. Arguably nobody was playing at a higher level from the quarterback position than Love. He finishes that with torching the Cowboys defense in the playoffs in Dallas, a place the Cowboys were unbeaten in since Week 1 of the 2022 season against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Love has a playoff win under his belt, LaFleur has made the playoffs in 4 of his 5 seasons. It’s not bad odds at Green Bay with +2500.

MIAMI DOLPHINS (+2000) – Unfair

Miami has the 9th-best odds to win a Super Bowl this season? They showed what they were capable of in the regular season, enough for Tyreek Hill to be considered at one point an MVP favorite. The game against the Chiefs isn’t postponed (like the Bills/Steelers game was the same weekend) and the Dolphins just weren’t a cold-weather team. If the Dolphins can play lights out like they would in the regular season, they might contend for home-field advantage and they have a chance at the Super Bowl. The pieces are there and I expect they’ll add more this offseason. But home-field is a must for these Dolphins.


Philadelphia made the Super Bowl one year ago. They had one of the best records in the NFL for most of the year. The last remaining undefeated team. But all that was forgotten as the team collapsed the last two months of the season. Jalen Hurts hobbled down the field for much of the year and Nick Sirianni was rumored to be on the hot seat. As of today, the mass majority of this Eagles team that was there for the Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs are still on the active roster. They’re almost guaranteed a playoff spot either as division winners or a wild card team, and with that playoff pedigree, they can make noise. Why count them out?

DALLAS COWBOYS (+1600) – Valid

Dallas has a reputation. They’re a great regular season team under McCarthy with three straight 12-win seasons, the first time in the luxurious history of the Cowboys franchise. The pieces seem to be there with the high-powered offense, the ball-hawking defense, and a home-field advantage unmatched across the NFL. They do have kryptonite in Green Bay and San Fransisco that they’ll likely play in the playoffs to try and get to that Super Bowl. In no way should Dallas blow up this team, but they just don’t match up well to a team like the 49ers. +1600 is good odds.


Cincinnati spent much of last year injured, particularly with franchise quarterback Joe Burrow, one of the best in the NFL. They lose their offensive coordinator to the Tennessee Titans, but they’re bringing a good core of this team back with Burrow, Mixon, and Chase leading the way. Tee Higgins is potentially out, so if they don’t bring him back or replace his productivity, this could be a bad take. I believe Cincinnati is still poised for an AFC Championship Game appearance potentially, so +1400 odds is pretty spot on.

DETROIT LIONS (+1200) – Too Kind

When you blow a double-digit lead in the NFC Championship Game and your head coach stands up to say the team might not get back there, you’re essentially speaking that into existence by releasing this negative energy. I like Dan Campbell, but that and his analytic stubbornness cost the Lions a potential Super Bowl appearance now, or ever. Dan’s right, this may have been their best chance to reach the Super Bowl and win it. Now? I doubt we see this team back in the NFC Championship Game in eleven months.

BUFFALO BILLS (+1200) – Too Kind

This Buffalo team is exactly who they are. Regular season juggernauts, Josh Allen a monster at fantasy football, and missing out on the Super Bowl. This team will likely have to play Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs and Allen can’t get the best of today’s modern GOAT. Their division is tougher than ever and I don’t believe they win the AFC East next year. If Rodgers stays healthy, they could potentially place third. I don’t like these odds, especially after the organization lost four straight Super Bowls in the 1990s.


I don’t hate these odds. A great defense, a great head coach, and the reigning 2-time MVP. Right now, they are the second-best AFC team. I don’t think anyone disputes that.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (+700) – Unfair

Hear me out. This team just won back-to-back Super Bowls for the first time since the Patriots for the 2003 and 2004 seasons. No team has ever three-peated as Super Bowl Champions. But the Kansas City Chiefs might. Many predicted the Chiefs offense would suffer after trading Tyreek Hill away, but Patrick Mahomes hasn’t lost a playoff game since that trade and has two Super Bowls to show for it. Would the best quarterback and best head coach not be the safest bet? Not to mention the best tight end and one of the better defenses in the NFL? At the second-best odds, Kansas City should be #1.

SAN FRANSISCO 49ERS (+500) – Too Kind

Are the 49ers great? Yes. The 49ers have been to the NFC Championship Game four of the last five years with two Super Bowl appearances. It’s the (bad) luck of the draw they got matched with Kansas City. The future of Aiyuk is in question, the health of Deebo Samuel remains a mystery, and the 49ers fired their defensive coordinator Steve Wilks this week. That’s less of a problem if most of the defensive coordinator candidates hadn’t been hired already. Could they swoop in for a Mike Vrabel quality candidate? Perhaps, but that’s four defensive coordinators in five seasons. The 49ers are undoubtedly the best team in the NFC and should have the best NFC odds, but not at the expense of the AFC team who beat them in overtime in The Big Game.

So there you have it. If you like any of those odds while they last, I wish you the best of luck. Who do you believe has the best odds to win the Super Bowl? Is there anyone underrated or overrated? Let us know in the comments below.


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