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Stop the madness! No way is Nick Chubb is being released or traded

The NFL offseason can be a dangerous place to be especially for Cleveland Browns fans who always seem to be hearing false narratives from a variety of places that some of their high-profile players are going to be traded or released. We have certainly heard a lot of this about their veteran running back Nick Chubb of late. Chubb is entering the final year of his second contract he signed with the Browns. It is true that if the team were to release him, they would save over $11 million in expanding their cap space to help sign other potential players in free agency for trade.

There are also silly stories out there like this one from SI about the Washington Commandors and how they’d be interested in trading for Chubb. Most other NFL teams would be interested in Chubb if he were released or made available for trade. However, all of this chatter is just that and there’s no evidence that any of these narratives bare any truth.

Chubb has been the heart and soul of the Browns for six seasons. He is the most beloved Cleveland football player by most fans and the organization knows that. Yes, the NFL is a business, and the $ talks, but the Browns have no interest in trading or releasing Chubb.

The injury Chubb suffered in Week 2 of the 2023 season was a major setback for the 28-year-old back. There have been a lot of conversations among fans about how this setback will affect Chubb’s play and abilities moving forward. To be honest, none of us really know how things will look when he returns. However, Chubb is not your typical running back and I for one will not doubt a successful return.

Recent NFL cap news broke this week and the Browns will now have an additional $30 million to offset their current cap deficit.

Estimates today suggest that the team is only $6 to $7 million in the red and with other big-name players like quarterback Deshaun Watson and wide receiver Amari Cooper looking at reconfiguring their own current contracts this offseason the Browns should be able to redo or extend Chubb’s current deal as well.

With the NFL combine starting this week in Indy and free agency officially starting in a few weeks, I’d look for the Browns to make some news with Chubb and sign him on a new deal. Chubb signed a friendly three-year contract before and I believe he wants to be in Cleveland long-term. The terms of a new deal will be laced with incentives for the Pro Bowler and future Hall of Famer but it will be the right move by both parties. So stop the silly chatter of Chubb being released or traded.




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