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Reviewing The Guardians City Connect Uniforms

The Cleveland Guardians have been on a hot streak lately, sweeping the Minnesota Twins in their most recent series and winning their series against the Texas Rangers before that. With the second-best record in the American League and a top 5 record in the entire MLB, the Guardians have been playing an impressive brand of baseball. Now, they can also look good while doing it. On May 12th, the Guardians announced their City Connect uniforms for the 2024 season, which they wore on the field for the first time on May 17th. These uniforms can be seen below:

These uniforms were generally well received by Cleveland fans, and speaking for myself, I love them. A while back, I wrote about what I hoped to see from the Guardians’ City Connect uniforms, and I am happy with how that article aged as well as how the uniforms turned out. I was worried that Nike, the creators of the City Connect jerseys, would go with a theme that has been overused. That theme was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, specifically incorporating a guitar. We have already seen this with the MLB All-Star Game, NBA All-Star Games in the past, the Women’s Final Four logo, and, of course, the Cleveland Rockers when they were still around in the WNBA. That idea is played out, and I am glad they stayed away from it.

The design they chose, as seen above, is perfect. I liked the idea of doing something inspired by the movie Major League, a film that featured the then-Cleveland Indians. These jerseys are not a complete spin-off of the kit seen in that film; however, the popular side striping from the film and the early 90s Cleveland baseball teams has returned, and I, for one, am here for it. The striping, and for that matter, the entire uniform, inherits details from the Guardians of Traffic Bridge the team is now named after, which makes this uniform stand out. The most impressive detail is the white on the side stripes being the same design as the laurel wreaths on the Guardians of Traffic.

The biggest positive to come out of this uniform release is the new logo that the Guardians will be using with the City Connect uniforms. This logo can be seen above. Many fans like this logo much more than the current “winged G” logo, and I could not agree more. This logo fits the rebrand perfectly and brings a fresh, new take on the Guardians’ branding, which has been criticized since the name change in 2021.

Overall, I am extremely happy with how the Guardians’ 2024 City Connect uniforms have turned out. They are a modern spin on an absolute classic uniform that stands out due to the attention to detail and nods toward the city of Cleveland and the Guardians of Traffic Bridge. Nike, the Cleveland Guardians, and the MLB truly knocked it out of the park with this one, and I may or may not have already purchased a jersey from the team store due to how much I like these uniforms.


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