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Ranking the American Leauge Central’s City Connect Uniforms

As of June 10th, 2024, each American League Central team has released its City Connect uniform, with the Minnesota Twins being the last to unveil theirs. As a self-proclaimed uniform junkie, I was eager to rank each team’s City Connect uniform based on their connection to the city and overall design. Some have been hits, while others have been complete misses.

5. Minnesota Twins

The Twins’ unveiling of their uniform inspired this article, and unfortunately, not for a good reason. These uniforms are flat-out ugly. The all-over royal blue from pants to the jersey is just too much of the same color. While the connection to the lakes of Minnesota is a fantastic idea and something different, the execution fell flat. The jersey’s logo isn’t much better either. If I were a fan of the Twins, I would be severely disappointed that this is the uniform I got compared to the rest of the division.

4. Detroit Tigers

Following Minnesota is Detroit in City Connect rankings. Admittedly, I like these uniforms, but I like the rest of the division’s more. The “Motor City” across the chest is classic Detroit branding, and the car-esque racing stripes make these jerseys attractive. My one gripe with these uniforms is the hat. It’s boring, simply spelling out “Detroit” on a basic navy hat. This hat looks like it would be on a sale rack at Lids in the Detroit area if not for being City Connect related.

3. Kansas City Royals

This list gets even harder from here, as the Royals’ uniforms are beautiful. The color scheme of Carolina blue and navy is one of my favorite combos in all of sports. The jersey’s connection to the fountains at Kauffman Stadium is a fantastic way to tie in the city’s identity. I love these uniforms; however, there are still two better uniforms in my opinion.

2. Cleveland Guardians

I will admit, there is some bias in my love for these uniforms as I am a Guardians writer and fan. That said, Nike, the MLB, and the Guardians knocked these uniforms out of the park. The details pay homage to the Guardians of Traffic, from which the team gets its name, and the jersey striping is reminiscent of the popular early 90s uniforms worn by the Cleveland Indians. These uniforms are truly special and are popular with Cleveland fans for a reason. Lastly, the Guardian of Traffic holding a baseball bat logo has become a fan favorite, to the point where fans want it to replace the current “winged G” logo.

1. Chicago White Sox

These uniforms were one of the first City Connects to be released back in 2021, and they set a high bar. The classic pinstripes, the “Southside” wordmark pointing to the team’s home in Chicago, and the perfect simplicity of the hat all come together beautifully. I love these jerseys, and looking at all the City Connects released over the years, these uniforms remain top-tier.

In conclusion, the American League Central teams have brought diverse and interesting designs with their City Connect uniforms. While not every design hit the mark, each uniform tells a unique story about its city’s culture and history, making the City Connect series an exciting addition to MLB.


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