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Deshaun Watson, By The Numbers

The Browns success in 2024 depends on many factors. A new offense, a running game that might be without Nick Chubb for part of the season, a new offensive line blocking scheme, fixing a defense that was one of the league’s worst in stopping the run and in the redzone. However, most think the Browns success lands squarely in the right shoulder of quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson was 5-1 as starter in 2023 and 8-4 overall as a Brown. The new offense the Browns will run in 2024 is designed to play to the strengths of Watson. His best season as a pro was in 2020 on a very bad Houston Texans team. If the Browns coaching staff can take him to that level, the Browns will have a very good year. In 2020, Watson was 382 for 544 for 4832 yards, 70.2 completion rate, 33 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and a QBR of 112.4. The passing yards led the league. To understand Watson’s success, you have to dive deeper into his statistics, most notable his QBR and passing touchdowns.

That season, like most franchise quarterbacks, Watson played better based on his QBR as the game progressed. In the first quarter it was 92.7, second quarter, 114.7, third quarter, 114.2, fourth quarter 124.4 and the fourth quarter within seven points, 121.6. In the first half it was 105.4 and in the second half it was 120.1. In the last two minutes of the half, it was 103.5. The more Watson attempted to pass, he better his QBR. In attempts one through ten, 101.4, in attempts eleven through twenty, 112.4, in attempts 21 through 30, 119.2 and in 31 plus attempts, 122.4. When looking at field position, Watson improved as the team moved down the field. Between their own goal line to the twenty, 80.7, between their own 21 to midfield, 105.6, between midfield and the opponents twenty, 121.7 and in the redzone, 105.2. When the margin of victory was zero to seven points, 115.9 and when it was fifteen points or more, 132.4. When the team was ahead, 106.6 and when they were behind, 122.0. When behind by one to eight points, 122.2 and when behind by nine to sixteen points, 131.8.

As for passing touchdowns, Watson’s best quarter was the fourth quarter with thirteen touchdowns, specifically the fourth quarter within seven points with six touchdowns. His best half was the second half with twenty touchdown passes. In attempts, when Watson had 21 through 30 attempts, he threw fourteen touchdown passes. When looking at field position, Watson was best in the redzone with seventeen touchdown passes. In point differential, he threw 26 touchdown passes when the team was behind and when trailing by one to eight points, he threw fourteen touchdowns.

If the Browns can return Deshaun Watson to his 2020 form and the defense improves, the Browns maybe in store for a very special season.


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