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Are the Browns considering trading Amari Cooper if contract talks falter?

It seems that the news of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Amari Cooper working on a deal to get an extension to his contract with the team is hitting some snags this week. There are even rumors now of Cooper being on the trading block.

Brad Stainbrook from the Orange and Brown Report (OBR) is reporting this week that those close to the negotiations are saying that the Browns are only offering Cooper a one-year extension and no guaranteed money.

If this is truly the situation and sticking point in these deliberations then the Browns are being downright disrespectful to the best wide receiver this team has had in decades. Cooper is an All-Pro and is nothing short of a respected professional football player and has earned at least a two-year deal and a guaranteed contract.

Considering that Cleveland opened a can of worms two seasons ago when making the mistake of guaranteeing their new quarterback Deshaun Watson $230 million, this is just a rude slap in the face to Cooper.

The other rumor this week is that the Browns are talking to the San Francisco 49ers about swapping star wide receivers where Cleveland would take Brandon Aiyuk in a trade for Cooper. According to NFL Notifications on the X, they have heard that this is a possibility. However, there have been no identifiable sources reporting this. But with the contract talks between Cooper and Cleveland hitting a brick wall and the same situation for Aiyuk and his current team, it’s not necessarily out of the realm of possibilities.


Aiyuk is only 26 years old and just finished his fourth season in the Bay. He was originally drafted by the 49ers at No. 25 in the 2020 NFL Draft. He’s had a solid career so far and went over the 1,000 yards receiving mark now twice.

Cooper has an even more impressive resume after completing nine seasons in the league. He’s collected 9,486 yards receiving and 60 touchdowns.

Maybe the Browns are looking at this deal as if Aiyuk is just a younger version of Cooper and can get more years from him in the long run. I wouldn’t be against trying to get a wide receiver that is younger but if you decided to go down that road then you are potentially risking a lot. While Aiyuk could maybe fill the shoes of Cooper it may really upset the balance in Berea.

Cooper has been one of the most loyal and committed players in Cleveland these last two seasons. Why now, try to upset the apple cart when you already have a solid and competitive roster in place?

While many support what the Browns front office and General Manager Andrew Berry have built up to this point, it would be a very bad decision by the team to not give Cooper his earned contract extension. And if they are seriously considering trading Cooper because they won’t play fair in negotiations then they aren’t as bright as they’d like for us to all believe they are.

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