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The Arthur Smith Steelers content is already old and tired

“I think this is the epitome of a Steelers hire. It’s safe. No imagination. You, Ron?” “Well, I want to wait and see first. Admittedly, I was hoping for a Shanahan disciple, but that’s just my opinion.”

“And another thing about Arthur Smith. Did you know his offensive philosophy leans heavily on running the football?”

It’s Groundhog Day as I write this article, and I think that’s appropriate because it feels like I’ve been living the same day since Tuesday, the day news first leaked that Arthur Smith, the former head coach of the Falcons and the former OC of the Titans, would be the Steelers new offensive coordinator.

I already know everything there is to know about Smith and his history as a coach. The only thing I don’t know is how effective he will be as the Steelers’ next offensive coordinator. Nobody knows this, but that hasn’t stopped literally everyone from speculating on it all the time, seven-plus months before the Steelers call their next offensive play that counts.

That’s, of course, if people haven’t already turned in their season tickets because they’re so disgusted that Pittsburgh absolutely hired the wrong person for the job. Or maybe the Steelers did pick the right guy. How dare those in the Smith hate cult judge this man already? How can they be so sure? Let’s talk about that in the next segment, Ron.

Anyway, I remember the old days when the Steelers would hire an offensive or defensive coordinator, it would get talked about for a day or so, and then we’d revisit that person’s skills immediately after his first bad play call.

Those days are gone.

We need content, and since the Penguins, Panthers or any other team currently playing sports is not good enough material for clicks and ratings, we must keep talking about Smith. Should he re-grow his mustache? Should he shave it? Has he re-grown it? Here’s a side-by-side comparison that I took the time to make and post on all of my social media accounts. What do you think? Like for mustache. Retweet for no mustache.

Who do you believe Smith will add to his staff? Why hasn’t the team made his hiring official (as of this writing)?

Do you think the Steelers will increase the size of their coaching staff? You know they have one of the smallest staffs in the NFL, right? I think they should bring in a passing-game coordinator AND a running-game coordinator.

Matt Canada was reportedly a lone wolf who wasn’t easy to work with. Smith appears to be much easier to get along with. Will Arthur Smith be easier to work with than Matt Canada? Let’s talk about that next, Ron.

All I know is this: If Zac Robinson or Jerrod Johnson goes on to become the next great offensive mind in the NFL, I’m officially done as a Steelers fan.

The standard is the standard.

Back to Arthur Smith talk: Do you think he has already sold his home in Atlanta, or do you believe he’ll commute to Pittsburgh every week once training camp begins in July?  We should talk about that next, Ron. Would you be okay with Arthur Smith living in Atlanta in the offseason, or would you prefer an offensive coordinator who makes Pittsburgh his home year-round?


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