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Steelers Friday Night Six Pack: Pro Bowl Edition

It is time for another meting of the black-and-gold minds, and you know the rules by now. But, on the outside chance this is your first time participating, here are the rules:

  • State your beverage of choice this evening.
  • What’s for dinner?
  • I always like to see what music people are listening to recently…never too late to get in on new artists!

As for me, I’m doing grilled pork tenderloins with cooked apples and a salad. That is “paired with” homemade kombucha. As for music, I can’t stop listening to Chris Stapleton’s new album “Higher”.

Let’s get to the questions!

1. It’s the week before the Super Bowl, which means it’s Pro Bowl week! Yes, that exclamation point was 100% sarcasm, but while the league has abandoned the fake game they used to call football, what would have to be done for you to tune in? For me? I want to see the old school QB challenges. Put the blue chalk on the footballs and let the guys sling it!

2. T.J. Watt continues to get offseason accolades from his 2023 season where he had 19 sacks. Do you think he wins Defensive Player of the Year? Why or why not?

3. If you had to choose one of the following with the Steelers QB position, what would you choose, and why?

  • Pickett, Rudolph, Late round draft pick
  • Pickett, Russell Wilson, Late round draft pick
  • Pickett, Kirk Cousins, Mitch Trubisky
  • Pickett, Jacoby Brissett, Early round draft pick
  • Other?

4. Thursday was the 15 year anniversary of Super Bowl 43. What is your favorite moment from that game?

5. Speaking of Super Bowl 43, was there an underrated moment of the game which you’ll never forget? For me, it was the entire last offensive drive. Started with a holding call on Justin Hartwig, and was all 7 to 10 to get them quickly into field goal range. A thing of beauty.

6. When it comes to the Super Bowl, how do you handle the game? Do you put a wager on the outcome? Do you bet on fun prop bets, like the color of Gatorade thrown on the coach? Do you do friendly block pools? Curious how you view the “big game”…

I hope everyone has enjoyed this season at SCN, and know there is plenty more content to come as the team prepares for this crazy 2024 offseason!


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