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Steelers Burning Question: What will the rookie involvement be in 2024?

Two weeks ago I did the Friday Night Steelers Six Pack and wondered if it was worth doing further. After all, interaction was not great, and sometimes you just have to adjust. So last week I decided to call an audible, and not just abandon the Friday night meeting of the black-and-gold minds.

Instead of six questions, I wanted to focus solely on one question.

We’ll still do the preamble of what you’re eating/drinking/listening to, but we’ll focus our attention on the one Steelers question of the week. Don’t worry, most weeks I’ll do a bonus/extra credit question for fun. With all that out of the way, let’s get to the question!

What will the rookie draft picks involvement be in 2024? Will each of them be a starter, back up, or maybe not even make the team. As a reminder, the 2024 drafted payers are as follows:

  • Troy Fautanu
  • Zach Frazier
  • Roman Wilson
  • Payton Wilson
  • Mason McCormick
  • Logan Lee
  • Ryan Watts

While the Steelers have taken their time easing in rookies in some seasons like in 2023, the 2021 draft saw much of their draft class contributing right away. So there is a wide variety of possibilities.

As for what I’m eating I’m back in my old stomping grounds in Wheeling, West Virginia, but not for great circumstances as we are attending the funeral of a family member. So my plans for dinner are up in the air at the time I’m writing this.

Happy Friday everyone!! Let’s hope this can be a new staple at SCN!


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