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How Texas Tech Wins/Loses

After the disappointing performance against Wyoming a week ago, this game lost a lot of its hype that it had coming into the season. The Red Raiders can certainly change the narrative around the team currently with an upset here, and that’s exactly what they’re looking to do.

That won’t be such an easy task, as the Oregon Ducks have an explosive offense and a defense that plays fast and isn’t going to allow Tech to just throw it around the field so easily. To get you ready for this showdown I’ll be going over a few ways that Tech can increase their chances of winning as well as things to avoid doing if they want to take the Ducks down in Lubbock tonight.

How Tech Wins:

Run the Ball on Early Downs:

I know that this seems like an obvious statement, but given the way that the game against Wyoming was called I think it’s fair to say that we could use Tahj Brooks and co. much more in order to get this offense rolling. The offensive line has its flaws, but letting the big guys get some momentum early and having them control the line of scrimmage will be huge for the big plays that we know are a staple in this offense.

I enjoy the way that Kittley likes to call his short passing game, but keeping a defense like this honest is going to go a long way in having success on that side of the ball.


Defensive Line/Edge Rushers containing Bo Nix:

Last week was a good performance for the defense overall and there is not much blame to be thrown their way for the way that the game went. One aspect that I think could be exploited if not corrected is the defensive line allowing Andrew Peasley to get outside of the pocket too often and create big plays. Bo Nix is one of the better quarterbacks in the nation and will hurt teams with his legs, so containing him is more important than taking a bad angle while trying to sack him.


Tyler Shough Going through his Progressions:

One of the great things that Shough did last year was find the open guy and go through his reads like a veteran quarterback should. Last week he looked like a shell of himself and was locking in on guys too often, not using the entire field to his advantage.

We have too much talent on the outside at receiver and tight end to not get the ball in their hands as often as possible. A lot of these guys can create with the ball in their hands, so even an easy completion could break open.


How Tech Loses the Game:

Linebackers Lack of Experience Exposed:

The linebackers did a solid job last weekend, especially Jesiah Pierre who had to move to the middle linebacker spot when Jacob Rodriguez went down with an injury. He’s likely the most experienced guy that we have their, and Oregon would be wise to test that position.

Whether that’s on the ground or attacking the middle of the field, the Ducks will try and find ways to exploit this part of the Tech defense. The guys will have to be sound in their zone coverage and the defensive line can help them by eating up blockers and letting the backers roam free. This will likely be the battle to watch on the defensive side of the ball.


Pass Protection Leads to Shough being Rushed:

This is a pretty new offensive line as far as where guys are lining up and the transfers that were brought in. Last week wasn’t too bad at that position, but there were a few too many mistakes that can’t happen against a talented defense like Oregons. If the ducks are living in the backfield and constantly creating havoc, then Tech won’t have a chance to keep up with the opposing offense.

If the line is keeping Shough clean and he’s just not finding the right guys or making the necessary plays, then it’s obvious that a change needs to be made at the quarterback position before its too late.



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