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Russell Wilson’s PR team deserves a huge raise

Russell Wilson is a unique character when it comes to the NFL. When he was the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback, he was labeled a fraud. A player who had a persona for the cameras, and was completely different when the cameras were off. An Eddie Haskell, so to speak. When with the Denver Broncos, he was labeled a self-centered, and bad, teammate.

Both are not good for the public narrative, and it is safe to say when Russell Wilson started his Pittsburgh Steelers tenure, he put his Public Relations (PR) team to work, and that might be an understatement.

Wilson has been everywhere in Pittsburgh, and putting his best foot forward to show the fans he isn’t just a quarterback on the roster, but he’s a part of the city. A part of the culture.

The most recent example of Wilson’s public appearances was a stop at the Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown Band concert at Acrisure Stadium, where he went on stage with Zac Brown and delivered a No. 3 Wilson jersey.

Prior to his concert-going ventures, Wilson paid a visit to the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital to help provide some support to those who might be battling one of many ailments.

Before the trip to the hospital, Wilson also took in a game at PNC Park, but he didn’t just watch the game, he took batting practice, threw the football with Andrew McCutchen, and threw out the first pitch for the game.

Wilson’s team has been careful and considerate about how he started his tenure in Pittsburgh, and I have to be honest it is working. Wilson being around, and not just there when the Steelers season is going on, means a lot to fans. If you make it seem you care about them, you better believe they’ll care about you.

This is just one of many approaches an athlete starting a new chapter of their career could take, but Wilson’s approach has been both obvious and deliberate. Gotta say, his PR team deserves a raise, they’re killing it this offseason.

Be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the rest of the offseason and get ready for the 2024 regular season.


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