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With Justin Herbert signed, Joe Burrow’s price tag just went up

The Los Angeles Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals were in a stalemate, but it wasn’t on the field.

It was in the negotiation room.

Was there a trade involve? No, it was the fact both organizations have quarterbacks who are due to receive huge contract extensions this offseason, and the clock was ticking before players go started with training camp.

There had already been big-name quarterbacks who were signed, like the Philadelphia Eagles paying Jalen Hurts and the Baltimore Ravens paying Lamar Jackson, but Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow were taking the patient approach to their negotiations. More importantly, they wanted the very best deal they could get.

As late as Tuesday afternoon reports suggested both Burrow and Herbert were waiting on the other to sign their contract. At this point you had to wonder how long it would take for one of them to finally agree to terms on a contract and sign on the dotted line.

The first to put pen to paper? Justin Herbert, who inked a contract with a lot of guaranteed money in it. This per Adam Schefter of ESPN:

With Herbert locked in, and with a no-trade clause, for $185 million dollars, Burrow has to be looking at his agent with money signs in his eyes. Meanwhile, the Bengals now know the number(s) they’ll have to surpass to make their franchise quarterback content and happy.

This isn’t a debate as to whether Burrow will sign or not, there is no way the Bengals let him walk after the success he’s had in his short professional career. However, the deal which has yet to be done could severely cripple the team’s salary cap situation and hinder what they can do with players like Tee Higgins and eventually Ja’Marr Chase.

Will Burrow sign soon? If so, the deal could make Herbert wish he would have waited instead of signing his deal first.


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