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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack: Non-Steelers Football Edition

The 2023 postseason is down to the final three games. While there is still football going on for one-eighth of the league this weekend, the Steelers are in full offseason mode. It’s the weird time of year where I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be worried about other NFL games or be searching through draft prospects.

Let’s get this questions and answer session started, but remember the rules: Announce your beverage of choice, what you’re eating, and, if you want, the music you’ve been listening to lately. As for me, I’m having company over so it’s picking up a pizza and see how the ret of the night falls.

Let’s get to the questions.

1. How closely are you following the Steelers search for an offensive coordinator? Are you up on all the reports of who could be coming in for an interview? Do you wait for the Steelers to announce that they have met with someone? Or are you just waiting to see who the choice is?

2. If you could pick one coach currently on the open market to come to the Steelers, who is it and what’s their job?

3. The Steelers had a very strong 2023 draft class. Of all the players, which one do you think will make the Pro Bowl first?

4. Will you watch the games this Sunday? Or is it a hard pass without the Black & Gold?

5. You just won a special prize to attend this year’s Super Bowl in a luxary box with three Steelers legends! You get to choose the players, so who are you taking?

6. Where I live, we had a snow day last Friday and today we reached 70°. Which alternative weather do you prefer: An unseasonably warm day in winter or a chilly day in summer?

Okay, time to get to the comments and voice your opinion! As always, stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they continue into the 2024 offseason.


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