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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack: Back on the field edition

As we continue to settle into our new digs here at Steel Curtain Network, there are some aspects of the site which are things we did at our previous home that we are bringing over here. Will everything stick here at our new home? No, but if it is something fans enjoy, we’ll keep doing it.

That leads us to Round 2 of the Friday Night Six Pack.

Keeping up with the training camp tracker was my focus for the day and this week’s Six Pack almost fell through the cracks. We’re still not sure if it is something we’ll want to continue in this form or not. But for now, it’s here for those who want it.

Now to the questions:

1 – The Steelers have now completed two days of training camp. How closely have you followed the action so far?

2 – Because the Steelers are practicing against each other, every success of the offense is often a failure for the defense (and vice versa). For the early parts of the 2023 training camp, are you looking more for success on offense or defense?

3 – What player has been the most pleasant surprise based on reports from only two days being on the field?

4 – In a follow up to the last question, what player on the Steelers would you like to hear more about during training camp thus far?

5 – The Steelers haven’t put on pads for practice yet as that will come on Tuesday. Since they are practicing just in shells, what position group(s) do you still look for them to perform well even though the pads are off?

6 – Today was the hottest day of 2023 so far in my area. It was so hot I skipped my golf league. When the temperature rises, how do you adjust for things? How hot does it have to get for you to change your plans?



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