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Let the games begin: NFL players start reporting to training camp

The NFL is a unique beast, as it pertains to the way the season is structured compared to the competition. The NFL has the shortest regular season, by far, yet is a year-round cycle of news which dominates leagues who are active much longer in their regular seasons.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t lulls on the calendar. After the Super Bowl, there is typically about a one month lull before the new league year begins, which marks the start of free agency. Once free agency dies down, the NFL Draft rolls around and creates another frenzy among the 32 fan bases. After the dust has settled on the draft, offseason workouts begin and will last through the end of spring.

Then starts the real lull on the calendar. The six week stretch between offseason workouts and the start of training camps. Well, thankfully for fans of several teams, their offseason is officially ending today with players, mainly rookies, reporting to their facilities.

Those teams who have players reporting today are below, courtesy of ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

While rookies are starting to report to camp, who is reporting to camp the earliest? That would be the two teams who are playing in the 2023 Hall of Fame game, the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns. Following the Browns would be the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs.

New York Jets — 7/19
Cleveland Browns — 7/21
Kansas City Chiefs — 7/22

The vast majority of teams report to training camp on 7/25, with only one team reporting later. That would be the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers report to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA on 7/26, the latest date of all 32 NFL teams.

Not only do the Steelers report at least a day later than everyone else, they also don’t require their rookies to show up any sooner than the veterans. Same report day for the entire 90-man offseason roster.

So, with the official NFL offseason coming to a close, it’s time to announce, “Let the games begin!”


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