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The Gold Standard is “the standard” when it comes to San Francisco 49ers coverage

The motto at Fans First Sports Network (FFSN) is simple:

For the fans, by the fans

The reason for this approach might seem simple, yet is not as easy to execute as many might believe. The approach is the fact there are fans who are passionate about their teams, educated on everything about their favorite team, and can provide detailed analysis which doesn’t just rival, but beat, any of the competition.

That includes those who are inside the locker room on a day-to-day basis.

Of the over 100 feeds which call FFSN home, there is no feed which embodies this motto, and approach, more than The Gold Standard.

The Gold Standard is run by Rob “Stats” Guerrera, and you might recognize his name from his work with ESPN’s “Mike and Mike”, as well as his time spent at NBC Sports with Mike Florio and Chris Simms. Guerrera took his passion for the San Francisco 49ers, and turned it into his own venture, one which now has him as a part of FFSN.

But what separates The Gold Standard from the other 49er coverage out there? Simple. It’s the passion and depth of coverage which is unmatched.

“We offer the most passionate, compelling, and informed coverage of the 49ers that you can get anywhere.” Guerrera said. “We have a diverse lineup of hosts that includes people from every angle of football coverage, so we can provide the most independent assessment of the team. Whether you only want a five minute news update every weekday, or in-depth analysis of everything that’s happening, the Gold Standard Network has something for everyone.”

As one of the largest feeds on FFSN’s vast network, The Gold Standard backs up their claim as being one of the best in every possible way.

When it comes to the 49ers, hopes are high heading into 2023. Coming off the disappointment of the 2022 NFC Championship loss to the Philadelphia Eagles where the team was left without a healthy quarterback, fans are more than excited for the upcoming season. With that being said, if you are a fan of the 49ers and aren’t tuning into The Gold Standard, you are truly missing out.

To find The Gold Standard, check them out on the following platforms:

YouTube: Click HERE

Apple Podcasts: Click HERE

Spotify: Click HERE

Website: Click HERE

Twitter: Click HERE


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