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2023 MLB Home Run Derby: Channel listings, streaming, day/time, how to watch

The 2023 Major League Baseball All-Star weekend is upcoming, and it’s time to get yourself ready to not miss a second of the festivities!

Outside of the All-Star game itself, the most notable event has to be the Home Run Derby. Anyone who has a history with the game of baseball likely remembers the many notable performances during the Home Run Derby. With the weekend being held in Seattle, who can forget the many Ken Griffey Jr. moments during the derby?!

With that said, let’s get you all the information you’ll need to enjoy the event:

T-Mobile Home Run Derby
Date: Monday, July 10
Time: 8 p.m. ET
Channel: ESPN
Streaming: ESPN App / YouTubeTV

For rules of the Home Run Derby, check them out below:

Each player has three minutes (two in the finals) to hit as many home runs as possible, a one minute break, then an additional thirty-seconds. Hitters are allowed one 30-second timeout to stop the clock. If they have a home run over 475 feet during the initial three minutes, they get awarded an additional 30-seconds, giving them a one-minute bonus. The eight Home Run Derby participants will be seeded 1-to-8 based on their regular season home run totals in 2023. The lower seed hits first, the higher seed hit second in each round. If a tie occurs (and one did in 2021), a 1-minute swing-off with no timeouts would be held. If that ends in a tie (and it did in 2021); three-swing sets occurred until the tie was broken.

The winner of the 2023 Home Run Derby will take home a check for $1 million dollars! The remaining participants will divide from a derby prize pool that totals $2.5 million dollars.


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