Is Chase Utley a Hall of Famer?

Chase Utley, the former second baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies, enters his first year of eligibility for Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Known for his exceptional combination of offensive and defensive skills, Utley played a crucial role in the Phillies’ success during their mid-2000s glory years. As the debate over his Hall of Fame… read more

Is Joe Mauer a Hall of Famer?

As the baseball world debates the merits of various players for Hall of Fame induction, one name that sparks significant discussion is Joe Mauer. The former Minnesota Twins catcher boasts a career that is nothing short of remarkable, leaving fans and analysts alike pondering whether his contributions to the game are worthy of a place… read more

My 2024 IBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot

It’s Hall of Fame voting season and fans eagerly peruse X waiting for the small drip of public ballots to see who writers from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America think are worthy of enshrinement in Cooperstown. The BBWAA is the official voter for the Hall of Fame (something I hope to be part of… read more

Is David Wright A Hall of Famer?

Among first-year candidates on the MLB Hall of Fame ballot is former captain and third baseman of the New York Mets, David Wright. As his career unfolded, Wright’s impact on the game and his consistency as a player became evident, but does he truly belong in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown? Wright’s career, spanning from… read more

Is Matt Holliday a Hall of Famer?

The debate surrounding a player’s Hall of Fame candidacy often revolves around a combination of statistical achievements, longevity, and impact on the game. Matt Holliday enjoyed a highly productive offensive career over 15 seasons in Major League Baseball and his batting statistics paint a picture of consistency and excellence. However, as we delve into his… read more

Eugenio Suárez will boost the Diamondbacks lineup

The Arizona Diamondbacks made a significant move for the 2024 season on November 22 by acquiring Eugenio Suárez from the Seattle Mariners. As the Diamondbacks aim to strengthen their roster, Suárez’s arrival brings anticipation and curiosity about how his skills and performance will translate in his new environment. A known power bat, Suárez joins a… read more

Will Kyle Gibson Help the St. Louis Cardinals?

The St. Louis Cardinals entered the offseason with a goal to add to their starting rotation. Many believed they would bid heavily for the services of the top options on the market, and while that may still be the case, they have spent over $20 million to bring in two veteran starters in their mid-30s…. read more

What’s next for Brandon Woodruff?

Following last Friday’s non-tender deadline, teams across the league shook up their rosters further sending an influx of several more free agents into the market. One such team was the Milwaukee Brewers as they made an almost surprising move to non-tender right-handed pitcher Brandon Woodruff. Woodruff, 30, underwent shoulder surgery in October and is expected… read more

One Free Agent Target For Each AL East Team

The American League East saw quite a shakeup in 2023. The Baltimore Orioles ran away with the division with an incredible turnaround that revolved around a group of young stars. The Tampa Bay Rays continued their excellence despite losing players to injury and other circumstances. The Toronto Blue Jays continued to stay in the middle… read more

One Free Agent Target for each AL Central Team

The American League Central is viewed as one of the least competitive divisions in MLB. The Minnesota Twins are currently the top team but they won just 87 games to win the division in 2023 thanks to a strong pitching staff. The Cleveland Guardians are a pitching factory but have struggled to produce a competitive… read more


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