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What Micah Hudson really means for Texas Tech

The worst kept secret in Lubbock was that Micah Hudson had committed to Texas Tech some time ago but was not quite ready to announce publicly. Hudson was enjoying the recruitment process, and while fans may not believe none of these kids like changing their minds down the line. Plus, I guarantee the staff was waiting for the right moment for him to announce to maximize the effect.

After a big recruiting weekend in Lubbock, and an 0-2 start to the season, momentum was needed to help this program out. Micah Hudson instantly provides it on the trail by announcing his commitment. Hudson is both a five star, and the first five star (and highest rated recruit ever unsurprisingly) to commit to Texas Tech.

But what does this really mean?

For starters, it continues to demonstrate that the best days for the program are still to come. Joey McGuire is still early in his tenure and is still stockpiling talent to best position Texas Tech for years to come. It also means Joey and his staff can sell that vision to recruits. A guy like Micah Hudson had offers from everyone, with Texas, Texas A&M, and Alabama all in hot pursuit. When dealing with programs like that, your ability to pitch the future is crucial. And once again, the head coach and his staff were able to.

But that is more intangible effect and cultural impacts. What about on the field?

Micah Hudson is that good folks. An over 1,000 receiver last year with 16 TDs, Hudson’s tape is something else to watch. He both is athletic and wily in space, and has the ability/size to high-point jump balls. He is all that and a bag of chips to put it simply. He will immediately be Texas Tech’s best receiver on the field, and will almost certainly be a top three round draft pick when his eligibility is completed.

A huge win for the staff at a critical moment, and the future continues to be bright in West Texas.


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